Shanghai team completes important replenishment!National guard formally joined, Li Chunjiang full impact championship

2022-05-10 0 By

“Break over, it’s time to get back to work, hope you all have a great time!”Franklin personally refuted rumors of leaving the team, posted in the Shanghai team training photos.In order to help Franklin recover, the Shanghai team spent a lot of energy, trainers, rehabilitation, physical therapists, and many doctors, the Shanghai team is well aware of Franklin’s condition has become the X-factor in the playoffs.Do not rule out the possibility of Li Chunjiang abandoning Franklin in the playoffs, if only Feng Lai, then the Shanghai team’s native guard must stand up, Yuan Tang Wen, Luo Hanchen, Li Tianrong, Guo Hao Wen have to stand up!Shanghai team completed an important complement, welcomed strong aid, national guard Dai Hao formally joined, Li Chunjiang all-out impact champion!Dai Hao, 1.93 meters tall, a real point guard, 20 years old this year, is the Shanghai team spent a lot of money to buy the kid!At a young age, Dai Hao went to the youth team of Real Madrid, represented Real Madrid in the Spanish UNDER-13 championship, and later joined the Under-18 team of Europa Liga club Berlin. Therefore, Dai Hao was influenced by European basketball from an early age.Since 2020, Dai hao has been selected to the National Youth Team and played many games for the National basketball team, including the Jiangsu National Games last summer.When Dai Hao chose to return to China to play, he was chased by many clubs, including Beijing Shougang. Qin Xiaowen wanted to sign Dai Hao very much, but He was finally lured away by the rich Shanghai Team. During the window period, Dai Hao has been training with the team, and the Shanghai team has also completed the registration.Luo hanchen and Yuan Tangwen are only 1.83 meters tall and will suffer against top guards.Li Tianrong and Guo Haowen are two three positions based on the attack, can not play a position;Liu Zheng is mainly defensive;So once on Feng Lai, Shanghai team does not have a good native guard to match, Li Chunjiang is very headache.Now there is a very talented Dai Hao, Dai Hao is pure number one, real Madrid youth team coach described Dai Hao: “he can make teammates better!”At present, Shanghai needs such a young, powerful defender who can handle the ball.After two periods, Shanghai finished second only to Liaoning, and li chunjiang could take these players to the CBA championship.