Under the banner of the gas company personnel, door to door cheating the old woman living alone “gas meter deposit”

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Xinmin evening news (correspondent Tian Na reporter Guo Jianfeng) end of the year at the end of the year, beware of the idle acts of deception.Recently, under the banner of the staff of the gas company, zhang, a man, came to the door to defraud three old women living alone “gas meter deposit” a total of 5600 yuan was prosecuted by the Jing ‘an District Procuratorate.On January 26, jing ‘an District court heard the case, sentenced zhang mou to 10 months in prison for fraud, and fined 6,000 yuan.Picture: the scene of the trial.Jing ‘an District Procuratorate for the 1967 zhang was a compulsive gambler, once for theft and “three palace”.After serving his sentence and being released, he decided to cheat money by means of fraud, and the target was put on the old woman who lived alone.When Zhang had no money to gamble, he would go out looking for targets to cheat money. He usually drove in the morning to play cards by riding a battery car, looking for elderly women who lived alone or walked alone in the residential areas along the road.If confirmed to be alone old woman, he claimed to be gas company maintenance gas staff cheat, cheat money to play cards.Zhang some cheat not long, in the afternoon of December 8, 2021, was cheated wang old woman to the public security organ reported that she was at home in the morning, a man claiming to be a gas company staff, in the name of doorto door maintenance gas, charged her “gas meter deposit” 4000 yuan, then left.After the man left, Wang grandmother contacted the gas company, that the gas company did not send staff to repair, she knew to be cheated.Through the police row touch, Zhang was arrested.After arriving at the case, Zhang mou to impersonate gas company staff to carry out fraud to many old people illegal acts confessed.After investigation, in October 2021, Zhang mou also with the same means of crime, posing as gas company staff to overhaul the gas need to pay “gas meter deposit” on the ground, defrauding the victim Li Po cash 300 yuan;In November of the same year, he defrauded Zhou a Po of 1,300 yuan in cash.The women were all over 70, with the oldest aged 81.Picture: The public gallery of the trial.Jing ‘an District Procuratorate for January 26 afternoon, the court held a public hearing of the case.The public prosecutor, points out that the defendant zhang mou for the purpose of illegal possession, diddle money for gambling solitary older women for many times, the amount is larger, should with fraud shall be investigated for criminal responsibility, given their family members actively retreat after gifts, compensation for the economic losses of the victim, suggest sentenced him to prison for 10 months, 6000 yuan fine sentencing recommendations.The court made the above decision in full compliance with the sentencing recommendations of the public prosecution.After the trial, members of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), judges, police officers, gas company staff and representatives of the citizens’ visiting group came to jing ‘an District Procuratorate to participate in the Spring Festival safety lecture organized by the hospital “involved in the old round table party”.Gas company staff wearing blue work uniform to carry the work card, for the elderly friends carried out a scene demonstration, tell them how to identify staff identity, but also demonstrated the regular on-site maintenance process and charging way, for the elderly friends to identify Li Ghost “guide the puzzle”.Undertake the judge around the case of the qualitative and sentencing circumstances, for the elderly friends made a detailed introduction, to remind the elderly friends to be vigilant, close their doors.Municipal CPPCC members from the government organs, social groups how to play their own functions, how to protect the rights and interests of the elderly to offer advice on their own views.The police remind the elderly, once found cheated to immediately report to the police and retain evidence, to assist the public security organs as soon as possible to arrest the suspect to the case.Undertake procurators around the recent fraud, theft and other real cases, for everyone to sort out the pre-festival safety tips.The elderly friends attending the meeting have said that this kind of dry goods full in the form of case interpretation, they have benefited a lot, will continue to relay the popularization of law, around more elderly friends to carry out fraud knowledge publicity, do not let the elderly become the “prey” of fraudsters, beware of such fraud.(All the people involved in the article are pseudonyms)