For the first time, the Winter Olympics will coincide with a weekday on February 7th

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February 7 was the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, and the traffic restrictions on April 4 and 9 made the morning rush hour traffic pressure more prominent.Beijing-cheng-beijing Expressway, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Airport Expressway, Lianshi Road, Beijing-Tong Expressway and other expressways have large traffic flow in the direction of Beijing, and some sections and bridge area nodes may have slow traffic.February 7, is also the games day with working days of the first day, game will be in the national swimming center, the capital gymnasium, shougang ski jumping, wukesong sports centre, national oval, the national stadium, surrounding roads will temporary traffic control measures in time, the Olympic lanes will also use the peak,Jianting Bridge to Olinxi Bridge two-way, west section of the north Second Ring road outer ring direction, Fushi Road into Beijing direction, airport expressway into Beijing direction, in the road set up for the Olympic lane, traffic pressure is more prominent, more obvious in the morning.Temporary traffic management measures will be in place on some roads in the morning, afternoon and evening of February 7.In order to ensure the smooth and orderly traffic of the Winter Olympics, all units are encouraged to actively implement the flexible working system. It is suggested that the public pay attention to the arrangement of the games, reduce travel and green travel, and give way to the winter Olympics security vehicles when driving, fully showing the hospitality, civilization and politeness of the host!By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong