Guizhou civil servant recruitment numbers surge!Expansion of 20%!A “high school” degree is also accepted

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Guizhou announced on The evening of February 16 that it plans to recruit 2,366 students, including 1,776 civil servants and 590 police officers, at the provincial, city, county and township levels in 2022.There are also 792 students, 298 from Guiyang and 275 from Qianxinan prefecture.As of press time, Tongren and Zunyi have not announced the number of civil servants they recruited last year, 177 and 594 respectively.Guizhou has seen a sharp increase in the number of civil servants recruited in the past three years, an increase of 20.75% over last year. In 2022, 2,366 civil servants will be recruited, and in 2021, 1,875 will be recruited, an increase of 491.If the selected students, Guiyang and Qianxinan are included, the total recruitment scale reaches 3,731 people (excluding Tongren and Zunyi). Last year, the recruitment scale is 3,111 people, an increase of 16.62% year-on-year.According to the statistics and analysis of Public education, the recruitment of a total of 2,934 positions, 1776 civil servants, 590 people’s police, 792 selected students, southwest Guizhou 275, Guiyang 298.The number of jobs requiring college degree or above accounted for 6%, bachelor degree or above accounted for 93%, graduate degree or above accounted for 0.7%, and high school or above accounted for 0.3%.Recruitment target: household registration in this province or students of this province college or above graduates;In 66 poverty-stricken counties in Guizhou Province, the degree of education of township (town, sub-district) can be relaxed to high school or technical secondary school graduation;Provincial household registration of ordinary higher education bachelor degree or above.High school and above positions require high school and above education positions have 10, a total of 10 people recruited, these positions from the township people’s government and street offices, all for the first level director section and the following staff, mainly for outstanding village (community) cadres, the examination area for Qiandongnan Prefecture.66 counties have been lifted out of poverty in the three categories of rural revitalization counties in Guizhou province, including 8 in Zunyi, 6 in Anshun, 10 in Tongren, 7 in Bijie, 15 in Qiandongnan, 7 in Qiandongnan, 10 in Qiandongnan, and 3 in Liupanshui.A total of 792 selected and transferred students will be recruited in Guizhou in 2022, 33.71% more than last year. The positions are distributed in Anshun, Bijie, Guiyang, Liupanshui, Qiannan, Qiannan, Tongren and Zunyi.Among them, 746 were selected by township (town, sub-district) organs, and all posts were not limited to majors;16 will be selected and appointed by the basic courts, and 30 by the basic procuratorates. The major requirements are law (law), and the major of illegal law (law) must pass the National Unified Legal vocational qualification examination (National Judicial examination) and obtain C certificate or above.The selected objects are five categories of personnel: 1. Graduates with master’s degree or above of general higher education in 2021 and 2022;2. Graduates from the second round of “Double First-class” construction universities of regular higher education, universities in Guizhou province and universities outside Guizhou province in 2022;3. Graduates with master’s degree or above from overseas institutions of higher learning who will graduate in 2022 and have obtained the certification of the Education Department;4. Grassroots project staff (three branches and one village, one college student project, college student Volunteer Service plan in western China, and “College Student Volunteer Service Plan in Western China” selected by Guizhou);5. The students or soldiers are retired college students and soldiers in Guizhou Province.Application Time: 9:00 on February 23 to 17:00 on February 27 Preliminary Qualification: 9:00 on February 23 to 17:00 on March 1 Online payment: 9:00 on February 23 to 17:00 on March 2 Print your admission ticket:From 9:00 on March 21 to 17:00 on March 24, written test time: On March 26, “administrative professional ability test” and “Application” (A, B), 27 on the public security organ people’s police position “professional subject” written test.Review: Analysis of the number of civil servant applicants in Guizhou from 2016 to 2021 shows that the number of civil servant applicants in Guizhou is about 300,000 on average every year. The number of civil servant applicants in 2020 is the largest, reaching 340,000, and the average job competition ratio is 84/1.In 2016, there were only 295,000 applicants, with an average competition ratio of 47:1.In 2019, only 2,413 people applied, but 318,000 applied, and the average competition ratio was 131 to 1, the highest in recent years.The number of applicants for 2021 is similar to that of 2016, but the average competition ratio is higher, reaching 77 to 1.Therefore, it is expected that the competition of guizhou civil service examination in 2022 May be more fierce. Cge hereby reminds all candidates to make a review plan as soon as possible and prepare for the examination. In daily study, they should pay more attention to learning methods, so that they can stand out from the crowd.Statement: This article is originally edited by Sichuan Middle Public Education, small board Li, if you need to reprint the content of this article, please indicate the source of “Sichuan Middle Public Education (public number scoffCN)” at the beginning of the article.