In 30 years, we have forgotten the custom of taking family photos with our loved ones

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The collective expression and entertainment of traditional New Year, including family photos, may be transformed into new individual forms and contents in the future.Article/Ba Jiuling first do a small survey: at the beginning of the New Year, “late night hair interview” from media, collected 100 family photos and their back stories.Using it as a small sample, we looked at the stories behind these family photos and found that something like: “Married for 3 years, no family photo outing.”◎ “The other day, I saw someone else’s family photo on Wechat. Then I realized that we hadn’t had a formal family photo in more than 20 years.”◎ “I had never taken a family photo in my life. I had an idea when I was four months pregnant…”◎ “The first one was taken in 1986, when I was 8 years old. The second one was taken on Mid-Autumn Festival in 2020.”…Personally, Ba remembers taking only a few family photos, focusing on his childhood and adolescence.Big families are almost non-existent.The custom of taking family photos seems to be fading in the New Year.Why is that?01. Family photo: From the old fashion to the present, the history of family photo in China is quite long.In July 1842, records of the use of cameras appeared in China.At the end of the First Opium War, two assistants of the British minister took the daguerreotype photograph at jiaoshan in today’s Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province.Daguerreotype is considered the earliest photographic technique.In 1861, just after the Second Opium War, foreigners were granted the privilege of traveling in China without a visa.A group of foreign photographers came to China at this time.American photographer Milton Miller traveled to Guangzhou, China, to take a series of portraits of Chinese people at that time, including family portraits of businessmen and officials.It was probably the earliest family portrait of Chinese people.A family portrait of a Chinese family, taken by Milton Miller, 1861 — 1863. At that time, many Chinese still considered photography a “magic art.”Lu Xun said in the article: “During the Reign of Xianfeng (1851-1861), or in a province, there were some cases where villagers destroyed their property because they could take photos.”By the early 1920s, it may have become fashionable to take a family photo on New Year’s day.At the end of the year in 1921, zhu Ziqing, in his twenties, read to Ye Shengtao a short poem called “New Year” (Ii), in which several lines read as follows:I saw the villagers, talking about the harvest of the past in the New Year’s day, counting the 365 days and solar terms, and said that in the spring, everyone’s eyes opened a flame again. At that time, the corn was hanging in clusters under the eaves, and the yellow jubilation was floating home,Let a person see in the heart feel excited and practical and then indefinable to think of many years ago under the snow one day relatives together in the door of a family photo according to hangzhou history research expert Zhong Xiangping textual research, in the 1930s, Hangzhou has 30-50 photo studios, the lakefront is the most, followed by city station, South Mountain road, Three pools of yinyue, city god hill.”Film was so tight in those days that it cost a few yuan to take a family photo, equivalent to half or even a month’s salary.”He said.Family photos record the family structure, spiritual outlook and times characteristics of Chinese people in different periods, and have more intuitive historical value than words.For example, in the late Qing Dynasty, pigtails and bound feet were visible.During the Republic of China, the MAO suit was a landscape.By the 1950s, people were plain, patched and combative.In the 1980s, the styles of clothes and expressions of characters were much richer.Family photos from the 1950s in Xi ‘an were used by people who had left their homes to comfort their parents, children, brothers and sisters during the time of disintegration.At a time when material and entertainment life was relatively poor, a family photo capped the family’s New Year’s joy.For the older generation, the happiness and achievement of life is “four generations living under one roof”.The family photo has become an important carrier.Lu Xun joked, “As for the rich and noble, they belong to the stupid birds, so they could not conceive of anything so elegant. At most, they could not do anything more than sit in the middle, with a ‘family portrait’ of one hundred of their sons, one thousand of their grandchildren and ten thousand of their great-grandchildren arranged on their knees.”Perhaps, the family photo also plays a role in declaring the authority of the parents.But nearly three decades on, the family photo seems less glamorous.In terms of the number, the number of families taking family photos is definitely higher than 30 years ago, which is determined by the level of social and economic development, such as the development of photography industry, the popularity of smart phones and so on.In terms of enthusiasm and interest, there has probably been a decreasing trend in the last thirty years.02. Why?The other side of the coin and we try to look at it from several angles.At the very least, the basis for taking extended family photos is being weakened by changing family structures.Before the reform and opening up, it was the general trend of our society to encourage birth, which led to the formation of big families. Our parents had as many as six or seven brothers and sisters, or at least four or five.And the patriarch controls the greater power of property and consumption.After the reform and opening up, there has been a trend towards smaller families with three or four people and greater property autonomy.When the patriarch is alive, there is still cohesion among the small families, but once the patriarch dies, the relationship gradually fades.There is a saying that goes, “One generation of parents, two represent, three or four generations.”In this context, of course, there was no family photo.In the comments section of a related short video of Douyin, as individuals have more independent rights, the influence of small families on individual families is actually weakening, which also reduces the space for people to take family photos.According to the data of the seventh Census bureau in May 2021, the size of family households continues to shrink, with the average population of each household reaching 2.62, down 0.48 from 3.10 in 2010.Some time ago, Castle Peak Capital released its 2021 annual consumption report “Under Loneliness, The Age of Living Alone”.The headline, though exaggerated, resonates with many, with a few statistics: 92 million people live alone in China;One-fourth of all households are single-person households, with the proportion of single-person households increasing from 6.3 percent in 1999 to 25 percent in 2020.In 1985, the divorce rate (the number of divorces/marriages) was 5.5%. In 2020, it rose to 53.3%. That is, the number of marriages per year has barely changed in 35 years, but the number of divorces has increased nearly tenfold.The social background is: take-out and sit-down food can provide a variety of meals, making cooking no longer a burden on the family, but an occasional hobby and interest.Internet can provide rich door-to-door services and services, people do not need to rely on family and acquaintances network;Pets, games, social networking, movies, live streaming…The powerful entertainment consumption industry makes individuals have a lot of spiritual sustenance that can be relied on.In addition, sound social security management system, insurance services are also enough to isolate many accidental dangers and comfort people’s insecurity.On weekdays, take-out food has become the main choice for people. To some extent, the bond between family members is weakening.For example, many people are reluctant to go home to have a family reunion during the Spring Festival.There are some reasons for the change of ideas, and more is the change caused by the social political and economic foundation.”Around 1750, a man without the protection of his family and community was almost certain to die, without work, without education, and without any support in sickness and pain,” says Israeli historian Yuval Harari in his bestselling Brief History of Humankind, in the chapter “A Perpetual Revolution.””In modern times, the nuclear family has not completely disappeared, having been replaced by the government and the market for most of its economic and political functions, but some important emotional functions remain.””But nowadays, parents have less authority than before.Young people have less and less need to listen to their elders, and it seems that parents are always to blame for anything that goes wrong with their children.”– which roughly captures the changing trend of Chinese families.Then, as an important form and carrier of family values, family photos may also be intentionally or unintentionally diluted.Of course, in addition, we do not necessarily need a family photo as a carrier to record and express family and affection.We have instant communication, and we can see our loved ones from place to place.We have high-speed trains that leave Beijing in the morning and arrive in Guangzhou in the afternoon.We have selfie with relatives, short video tools, travel activities, parties to share food and other rich entertainment to show the family life……Family photos, by contrast, are more like a form of nostalgia.But it’s worth mentioning that CCTV host Kang Hui said in the Third season of The Reader last November: “I used to think that there were many more opportunities to take photos with my mother.But after she died, I looked through the photo albums on my phone and found no photos of the two of them.”This has also resonated with many people.When people have so many solutions, they can lose some urgency to practice.Viewed in the world, China remains one of the countries where family values are most valued.However, when the influence of the family on the individual becomes weaker, the value of the individual also begins to become prominent.To some extent, New Year’s photos are created as a witness to one’s growth or image change, or simply as a way of pleasing oneself.New Year photo in the small red book, Weibo, B website, to the photography shop to take a group of personal New Year photos, has become one of many girls wish list.A search for “New Year’s photos” on Xiaohongshu has yielded more than 170,000 notes.Screen full of photos are wearing red sweaters or skirts of girls, exquisite costumes, careful background layout, not vulgar Pose, quite festive.Open the comment area of several highly praised Posts of New Year’s photos, the content focuses on praise, appreciation, or help specific methods, clothing and other accessories of the e-commerce link, it can be seen that many people are eager to try.In recent years, many photo shops will launch the New Year theme of girls’ personal portrait photos every year. Stores generally provide one-stop services from costume props, makeup, photography, photo editing, printing and other services, and the lively social platforms become interesting.B sleepless Qiqi went to a photo studio in February last year to take a series of antique New Year photos.The 259 yuan package includes services such as renting a costume, makeup and styling, taking a set of photos, retouching and printing.Finally, select one of the photos to refine and get the printed photo.”It’s only good for photos, not for going out, because the base is so thick and dry and the whole face is earthy, like you’ve just come back from the desert,” she said.According to the makeup artist, “The studio is surrounded by light, so it should not be very white in order to avoid overexposure. It is very dry for fear of oily skin under the flash.”Generally speaking, the photo studio will be equipped with exquisite costumes, in addition to the makeup, heavy makeup, careful retouching to achieve the perfect effect of the film.The market is growing fast.Yu Sheng, a hangzhou photographer born in 1998, told the minibus that he has been doing photography for five years and this year he started to try out the female portrait photography with the New Year theme. For this reason, he spent five or six hundred yuan to buy a set of Hanfu as shooting clothes.The 288 yuan package price includes one hour of shooting, six photos for refinement and 10 yuan for one more photo.From January 21 onwards, two or three shots are often taken on weekdays.The customer groups are mainly college students in their twenties and new employees.According to the “law of conservation of energy,” energy does not arise or disappear; it simply changes from one form to another.Hyperbole may also be appropriate in terms of social conventions: traditional New Year’s collective forms of expression and entertainment, including family photos, may be transformed into new individual forms and content in the future.* References: 1. “Sun Yat-sen, Lu Xun took pictures, but also recorded the city and its people under the change of times”, Qianjiang Evening News 2. “100 warm family photos, tears in my eyes…””Land collectivization and structural Transformation of rural traditional big family,” Wang Tianfu, Wang Fei, Tang Youcai, et al., social Sciences in China, 2015, 2nd issue. 4. “Grave · On photography”,Lu xun author | lingbo | the duty editor to edit | | sesame catsup responsibility He Mengfei editor | | | Zheng Yuan eyebrow figure source | VCG – xiao-bo wu brought about 50 business book, with knocking the door – business