Into a lonely life

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It is worth mentioning that after five years of marriage, Xu Lushi seemed to return to that happy time: “It was five years of real happiness.”On Sundays, the family of four often go to the Summer Palace with bread, steamed buns and arctic soda and spend the whole day there.The mischievous Deng Jiaxian never swims in the baths, but usually paddles a rented boat to a secret place before launching his “wild swim.”In winter, Deng Jiaxian carried his son on his shoulders and took his family to the Changdian Temple fair. While walking, he revealed his “unique skill” — playing diabolo. He could not only shake two heavy ones, but also shake one big one and one small one, making a big sound, and then throwing it out and catching it.’He’s a very happy person,’ Ms. Xu said. ‘He’s easy to be with, and he has a broad range of interests. He’s not a boring, boring person.’He is a successful man and a man who enjoys life.At this point, Xu Luxi looked out of the window and let out a long sigh.Until now, Xu luxi can’t forget the day in August 1958 when Deng Jiaxian’s work suddenly changed and they entered a lonely life.August 1958 was almost nine years after the birth of New China.It was a hot summer day and Deng Jiaxian came home later than usual.When he entered the house, his 4-year-old daughter Dian Dian was playing with his 2-year-old son Ping Ping as usual. “Why are you late today?” Xu asked casually.He only nodded his head, but did not answer.