Iron mill labor called husband, artisan, including the conscripts of the people of the people artisan and jizhou six wei belonged to the artisan

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China Ming Dynasty guanying iron smelting the largest scale, put into operation for the longest iron factory.Located in north Zhili Prefecture zunhua County (today zunhua City) 80 li west.Department of work, has been set up department chief and Lang Zhong in charge of factory affairs.After yongle moved the capital, the demand for iron increased, and zunhua iron smelting got rapid development.By the eighth year of The Reign of Emperor Jiajing (1529), more than 400 thousand jin of wrought iron was produced every year.Its iron furnace is one zhang2 feet deep, sunrise iron 4 times, products in addition to raw wrought iron, and steel.The labor force used in the ironmaking factory was called men and craftsmen, including conscripted men and craftsmen and a small number of prisoners.During the reign of Yongle, there were more than 2,560 craftsmen of all kinds.After the reign of Emperor Hongzhi, the number of artisans decreased significantly. In the seventh year of Emperor Jiajing’s reign, the number of artisans was reduced to 1,500, 410 of whom worked in shifts.The treatment and working hours of all kinds of craftsmen vary.The peasant workers, who are not completely divorced from production, start work in October of the year and leave work in April of the following year.Monthly rations during labor 3 bucket, suspended during work.Iron plant needed wood charcoal, the original supply of counties such as Jizhou;Five years after jiajing, the firewood field was rented to the people, and silver was levied to buy charcoal.Wanli first year (1573), began to reduce a large number of craftsmen.The men and the craftsmen levied silver instead.Nine years officially announced the closure of zunhua mountain, and cut the number of officials, set up the price of silver and the firewood and charcoal mountain rent silver, all collection and solution department, buy iron support.Official camp iron metallurgy industry so far basically ended.After that, the Ming government bought iron to make iron ware.