Jiangsu Hongze Power Supply Company: holiday on duty to help green travel

2022-05-11 0 By

“Mom and Dad, we can finally make it home for the reunion dinner. Thank you very much for the service of the staff of State Grid.””Yes, thank them for their service on New Year’s Eve. We should all learn from them.”This is on January 31, Chinese New Year’s Eve, happened in changshen High-speed Hongze Lake service area charging station a father and son talk.Mr Ji, an electric car customer, was going to huaian for the Spring Festival from Nanjing. When he got to the Changshen Highway Hongze Lake service area, the electric car gave an alarm signal and showed that the battery was only 10% lower. When he was charging at the charging station in the service area, it took him less than five minutes to charge the car.Zhu Zhaoyang and Chen Guozhong, staff of the power supply company of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Huai ‘an Hongze district, were protecting the charging station in the service area when Mr Ji and his family were worried. After understanding the customer’s situation, they stepped forward to guide the customer to charge at the quick charging pile which had been built in the service area.During the festival, deep long high-speed hongze lake service charge peak, according to the division area power supply company indicates jian liu-yan zhang, director power substation is introduced, the charging pile equipment is within the scope of the jurisdiction of earthly maintenance, to ensure the safe and stable operation of charging pile, during the Spring Festival, the power substation operations staff on the basis of the first inspection, continue to strengthen patrol on charging pile equipment maintenance, at the same time,State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company takes turns to be on duty at the charging station in Hongze Lake Service area of Changshen Expressway 24 hours a day to provide customers with convenient charging service, timely check and rectify hidden dangers, and explain in detail the correct use method of charging piles to customers who come to use charging piles, so as to ensure green travel during the Spring Festival.(By Xu Liangjun and Liu Mingjun)