Poetry Group ii: Jianghua (Beijing)

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Spring ode to the Winter Olympics · poem two group text/Jianghua (Beijing) a: Spring jiuzhou national soul Chinese athletes all over the world, the universe is covered with green yarn zhan.Passion burning gallantry, cold ice ling frozen exhibition field..Diligent practice yue-yu ring, spring is to spring buds.A spring thunder all things show my wind rosy clouds all over the sky..Look, the snow is white and the will is strong.The country strong young strong, wild wild wild green seedling huan..Xue Yuan won the crown, gold cup and Silver Cup.What to fear from the storm?Have a dream in your heart.Two: spring flowers full garden when I wait for the beginning of spring fangcao, look at the global heating.Take off to add the United States, toura fierce progress new sign..In March, the peach blossom is red, and the cuckoo is angry.Do you want flowers in spring?Build the iron wall of national harmony..The world united to the future, the beginning of spring winter Olympics in Beijing.Mei LAN proud snow spirit is expensive, blossom wonderful flower ambition..Admire the wind, clank the immense since sigh.Black endure white stubborn, the wine when the song life praise.About the author: Jiang Hua (micro name Jiang Hua, pen name Shanrenzi) was born in a farming family of Tujia nationality.Doctor of Criminal Law, School of International Law, China University of Political Science and Law.Honorary life member of Hong Kong Teachers and Celebrities Association.2020 Outstanding Communicator of World Literature and Art.I charity benevolence, public welfare society.Law for moral survival, poetry for the soul music forever;Poetry is forging ahead together.Beginner poetry, strive for progress.