These races will be held on Feb 11.

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Friday, February 11th, end numbers 3 and 8.During the morning and evening rush hours, it is expected that the second, third and fourth ring roads, the east and north fifth ring roads, beijing-Chengcheng Expressway, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Xin Expressway, airport Expressway, Lianshi Road, Beijing-Tong Expressway and other expressways in the city will have a large traffic flow, and some nodes in bridge areas may have slow traffic.February 11, the Winter Olympics events are still relatively intensive, many competitions will be in the morning at the National Aquatics Center, the National Bobsled Center, the National Alpine Skiing Center, the afternoon at the National Stadium, Wukesong Sports Center, the National Aquatics Center, the National Speed Skating Hall,In the evening at capital Gymnasium, national Aquatics Center, National Bobsled Center, National Gymnasium, Wukesong Sports Center.Surrounding roads, will temporary traffic control measures in time, the Olympic lanes will be frequently used, north rings arrow pavilion bridge to olin west bridge bidirectional stopover, jian xiang AnHuiQiao on the bridge, north west outer ring two-way direction, xizhimen street, mound stone into Beijing, the airport high-speed road into Beijing, beijing-tibet expressway, jing li high-speed traffic pressure is more outstanding,Morning and evening rush hours and noon hours will be more pronounced.Traffic administration tips, peak current during the event, to ensure the games are the smooth flow of traffic and orderly, please people focus on schedule, green travel, wrong peak travel, suggest travel less in the evening, when driving comity games security vehicles, especially around venues, menstruation in case there are games security vehicles in and out of the active comity, please.Fully display the hospitality, civilized and courteous host style.Recently, the north fifth Ring Jianting Bridge to Shangqing Bridge west to east direction of the traffic flow, travel according to the real-time road conditions around the road.By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong