12 hours after losing to Vietnam!People’s Daily issued a statement criticizing the National football team, pointing directly at Li Xiaopeng

2022-05-12 0 By

China failed to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup two rounds ahead of schedule after losing 3-1 to Vietnam last night.Throughout the whole game, The Vietnamese team can win the ball is not accidental, not only the technique and tactics have surpassed us, even the spirit of the spirit also completely suppressed us.It is also the Spring Festival, Vietnam team won the first victory of the public boiling, and our national football team only to add to our share.After last night’s match, the People’s Daily, the official media, this morning also issued an official opinion on the match, which is different from the previous one. The comments were very sharp and did not save face for the National football team.’In the preliminary round of the World Cup on the first day of the Lunar New Year, the National football team lost a game it shouldn’t and can’t lose,’ wrote the People’s Daily.The national football team lost to Vietnam for the first time in 62 years, and let the opponent use the advantage of home court to hit three plate axe how to do, in the face of the backward situation, what kind of mental outlook should it be?How to strengthen the lineup?Neither the spectacle nor the response was effective enough for the fans.Shooting, ball control rate and other conventional data, The National football team may still be dominant, but sprint running, high-intensity running was completely crushed by the opponent, there are problems with the attitude of the game, is also the accumulation of the stubborn disease in the usual games.Will this match really become a watershed for the Chinese and Vietnamese men’s football team?But we would like to see this as a turning point for China’s national football team.In addition, the national football team reporter Ma Dexing criticized again, blaming the new coach Li Xiaopeng for the national football Team’s 3-1 defeat in Vietnam.He wrote about two problems, the first is about the use of naturalization, he said Li Xiaopeng in order to comply with public opinion, let Alan, Luo Guofu jin first is in anger, comply with the name can not replace professional judgment.The second is about the technical and tactical problem, Ma Dexing criticized Li Xiaopeng is not self-aware, do not understand the opponent Vietnam.Based on the above two reasons, led to the national football team at the beginning of the year became a child to send points, made the National football team another “tragedy”!To be honest, the commentary of People’s Daily is very objective. At least the match presented the scene that The National football team was behind Vietnam in all aspects. It lost the most undeserved game, not only technically and tactically, but also mentally.As for Ma Dexing’s comment on a little bit of heat suspicion, I think Li Xiaopeng and Li Tie are two extremes, Li Tie a little talent but low eq smelly mouth is not obedient, Li Xiaopeng high EQ obedient but teaching ability is general, two people blend the best.The national football team went to this stage, the main strength is too poor.Li Tie had a good condition of naturalization, but wasted the best opportunity.Li Xiaopeng was ordered to carry the pot, coincides with the naturalization downturn, want to reverse the decline is also very difficult.In the end, Chinese football has a long way to go!