Anning District market supervision administration cadres and workers began to clear snow and ice show true feelings

2022-05-12 0 By

On February 6, Lanzhou ushered in the first snowfall of 2022. Everything on the land was covered with snow, and the beautiful snow scene was painted in wechat moments and short videos, arousing the beautiful vision of “a auspicious snow promises a good harvest”.On February 7, anning District Market Supervision Bureau organized all cadres and workers to carry out a volunteer service activity of “removing ice and clearing snow” to promote the spirit of volunteer service and ensure residents’ travel safety.The volunteers took brooms, shovels and other tools to clear ice and snow in the section of the unit’s responsibility (qilihe Bridge to Anning Cultural Square on the south side of Anning East Road), and cleaned bus stations, crossroads, zebra crossings, sidewalks and other important traffic roads. Although the weather was cold, they could not do anything about the enthusiasm of everyone.Although the ice is hard, it can not resist the unity of everyone.It fully shows the spirit of volunteers who are not afraid of the cold and bear hardships.After more than two hours of cleaning, roads piled with snow became “safe” channels for residents to travel.We just hand covering the frozen red face all the way back to the unit of laughter.Today, market supervision under the leadership of the Party group has become a beautiful scenery line in winter.