China once again claimed that the Malvinas belonged to Argentina, striking at the heart of The British foreign Secretary’s anger

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The British, who in 2021 were flexing their muscles in the South China Sea, crossing the Taiwan Strait and even planning military exercises near the Diaoyu Islands, could not have dreamed that a few months later, China and the UK would switch positions and the UK would call on China to respect British sovereignty.2022 is the china-arab fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Argentina at the invitation of Chinese President’s visit and attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics on February 6, the two countries jointly issued the “joint statement on deepening bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership”, a joint statement explicitly stated in article 4: the interests of both sides will be involved in each other’s sovereignty issues continue to firmly support each other.The Arab side reiterated its adherence to the One-China principle and China reiterated its support for the Arab side’s demand for full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands…In addition to the recent reports that Argentina abandoned the FA-50 to buy the JF-17, the British people are completely upset.British foreign secretary, Elizabeth, ras (Liz Truss) in china-arab joint statement issued after, hurriedly send twitter, declared that “completely rejected” any questions relating to the malvinas “sovereignty”, says it is “a member of the British family,” also talked about “respect for the sovereignty to China are very different, deal with a man as he deals with you.British livid Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territories, the Taiwan question is the undisputed China’s internal affairs, the unity of the Chinese territory is inevitable, but the us and the UK and other countries are unwilling to see China’s unification, although both Britain and America are not level to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but the very close relationship with Taiwan.In 2021, under the kind invitation of the United States Navy, the British Navy formed the largest aircraft carrier group since the Falklands War to go to the Asia-pacific, including the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, the Type 45 destroyer Diamond and Guardian, the Type 23 frigate Richmond and Kent, an Astute class nuclear submarine,And the fort Victoria supply ship, the Tide supply ship, the Dutch navy seven provincial missile frigate Everson, the United States Navy Ali Burke-class guided missile destroyer Sullivan, consisting of a huge fleet of 10 surface ships to the Asia-pacific.It sparked a storm of criticism from Chinese Internet users.The British carrier battle group once planned to sail through the disputed waters of the South China Sea during its asia-pacific activities (after leaving Shandong, the British carrier quickly made the shortest direct route between two points to the Philippines), but the British Navy, in order to curry favour with the United States, once said it planned to conduct military exercises near the Diaoyu Islands.HMS Richmond, part of the British carrier battle group, the Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond sailed through the Taiwan Strait on 27 September.And the Taiwan Strait is a very sensitive strait, British warships through the Taiwan Strait is undoubtedly to support the Independence of Taiwan separatists, Britain’s such behavior is in defiance of China’s sovereignty!In addition, Britain also strongly supported those who invaded Hong Kong and made it easier for them to enter Britain. Lithuania also encouraged Taiwan to open its representative office here.How should China respond to such far-away provocations from Britain? First of all, tracking and monitoring are necessary and diplomatic protests should be conducted, but these methods do not touch the fundamental interests of Britain.The joint statement stressed once again that the Malvinas Islands are Argentina’s territory and does not recognize Britain’s sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands. It believes that Britain invaded Argentina and occupied the Malvinas Islands.Of course, we are a peace-loving country, so China stands for a peaceful solution to the UK-Amar Islands issue.But that is not good news for Britain.China is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and one of the three strongest members of the P5.Chinese support for Argentina tsushima claim not joking, and the full name of the joint statement is “a joint statement on deepening bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership”, China and Argentina closer, in other words the Argentine after got on the ride to China, will usher in more opportunities for development, and Argentina have money,How can you not think about how to reclaim the Malvinas?And the series of arms sales restrictions established by the UK to Argentina will not affect China!The modernization of the Argentine army was already unstoppable.China-arab joint statement to the British parliament, the British can not restrict Chinese weapons on the export of China does not want to see any country selling arms to Taiwan gear or level to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the Netherlands submarine exports to Taiwan, China’s relations with the Netherlands fell to agency, Lithuania allow Taiwan to set up representative offices, neutral to agency relationship,French exports to Taiwan lafite super missile frigates, China strongly protests, France stopped the technology transfer, kangding class frigates after ten ship building plans to cancel, and the first time six lafite super missile frigate is not equipped with any missile, Taiwan had to kangding class frigates armed themselves.During the Falklands War, due to pressure from Britain, France terminated the delivery of exocesan anti-ship missiles ordered by Argentina, leaving Argentina in a desperate situation without ammunition.Because of the falklands issue, Britain did not want to see the Modernization of the Argentine army, creating a series of obstacles to Argentine arms imports.In 2020, Argentina’s GDP of 383.07 billion dollars is not high, but it is not a bit better than Pakistan’s 280 billion dollars. The question is what is the most advanced equipment of Argentina’s navy and air force?Said it may surprise you, Argentina has plans to purchase, Sweden’s gripen, French mirage – 2000, Israel’s lion cubs, F/A – 50 and South Korea, but A string of military procurement plan without exception messed up by the British (Martin beck’s ejection seat famous around the world, Britain does not exit seat, other countries in order to avoid deterioration of relations,They are reluctant to export fighter jets to Argentina, whose purchases are small.)As a direct result, Argentina had no jet fighters for four years from 2015 to 2019, relying on THE IA-58 Placa attack aircraft to defend its airspace until 2019, when it acquired four superflags to return to the jet age!What about the surface ships of the Argentine Navy?Argentine navy’s most advanced surface ship is 4 grade ship zhuifeng patrol boat (emphasis on patrol boat, pay attention to ah, is a patrol boat not frigates, don’t be confused) level and zhuifeng patrol boat doesn’t even have a missile, in addition to this Argentine navy has the battle effectiveness of surface ship is MOKO360, which the performance of the frigate and 053 h3 to half a catty August…In other words Argentina’s army, navy and air force are no match for Pakistan in all aspects…Why is Argentina’s army, navy and air force so poorly equipped?Apart from Argentina’s economic problems, more importantly, as long as Argentina plans to buy Weapons from Europe and South Korea, the subsystems on the equipment can bypass the UK?In the face of strong British opposition, Argentina was able to buy weapons that were either monkey monkey versions of Australopithecus, or none at all!But when China exports weapons to Argentina, none of these obstacles exist. First of all, Argentina has no money. The question is what is the greatest advantage of Chinese weapons?Good performance and cheap, 3 Chaser class patrol ships at 320 million euros, that’s about enough to buy one 054AA or 3 056A A/C-13A (both 056 export versions)About $100 million per unit);Purely for patrol ships, the $2 billion purchase of six P-18As (Nigeria ordered p-18N patrol ships from China for $42 million each) would be enough to modernise Argentina’s navy.In terms of air power, Considering that Argentina has no money, Pakistan has sold the JF-17 THUNDER III to Argentina, whose performance in all aspects is stable and mainstream in the world. It is equipped with active phased array radar, PL-15, YJ-83 and other big killing weapons, and it has no problem competing with F-16 and other fighters.What’s more, it’s cheap, $50 million a pop.And xiaolong fighter while also used Martin baker of the ejection seat, but it can affect the xiaolong fighter exports (the UK also has said will not allow Martin baker ejection seat exports to Argentina, in an attempt to hinder Argentina gained xiaolong fighter) problem is that this is a problem, China has not ejection seat, it is not just a matter of to replace?So the British mentality is broken!Trying so hard to limit Argentina’s modernization, only to hand Argentina’s military orders to China and Pakistan?And China is one of the five permanent members of the Security Council!China’s claim that The Malvinas belong to Argentina will affect the judgment of a large number of countries on the sovereignty of the Malvinas, and China-Russia relations are not better than Allies, so how will Russia recognize the sovereignty of the Malvinas in the future?After China, Russia, Pakistan and other countries have intervened in the ownership of the Malvinas, the ownership of the Malvinas will be more complex!Is it clear that as Argentina hitches a free ride with deepening Sino-Argentine relations, its military might not modernize?Does Britain’s relative strength compare with that of the UK during the Falklands War?So if the Falklands War broke out again, would Britain win?The UK has been jumping up and down on the Taiwan issue, attacking China’s core interests. Now China has copied the UK’s tactics and is attacking the UK in its own way. Why is the UK jumping up and down?At least China did not send the Liaoning carrier battle group to Argentina to cruise!The UK has no right to complain about What China is doing.