Don’t forget fire safety during the Festival, Shenzhen fire protection multi-measures escort “Lantern Festival”

2022-05-12 0 By

In order to do a good job in the Lantern Festival fire safety work, improve the people’s awareness of fire safety.In recent days, the Shenzhen Fire rescue detachment went deep into the area, and took various measures to escort the “Lantern Festival” in the form of publicity activities, night checks and on-duty patrols.Recently, shenzhen Fire rescue detachment fire rescue personnel into the area of large commercial complex, industrial park, residential areas and other places, to carry out “face to face” publicity activities.In Futian District, fire publicity vehicles into densely populated urban villages and residential areas, fire rescue personnel and fire volunteers to guide the public to watch the fire warning propaganda video, experience the fire escape facilities in the car, and issued daily fire prevention leaflets;In nanshan District, fire supervisors went deep into the Bay Area super Lantern Festival, winter Olympics theme competition venues to carry out pre-festival fire safety inspection, guidance of fire hidden dangers;In Bao ‘an District, fire and rescue workers conducted in-depth inspections of hotels and carried out targeted publicity activities in light of the epidemic prevention and control situation in their districts.Learned, to enlarge the coverage of fire control propaganda, shenzhen fire rescue team also extensive use of WeChat public number, new media platforms such as weibo, trill fire safety tips and the popular science short video, SMS sending fire safety tips to focus groups, and with the help of a large outdoor LED display, subway fire safety tips information such as TV,To further enhance public awareness of fire safety.In addition, on the night of February 15, the Shenzhen Municipal Fire Safety Commission blew the Lantern Festival fire safety “night check” sentinel, joint district, the relevant departments to organize fire safety centralized night check action.Focusing on large commercial complex, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, public places of entertainment, tourism scenic spots, ice and snow sports venues and rental housing, residential area, “three” and so on, focus on screen high-rise buildings and important risk, the “three small” place illegal for people, electric bicycle fail to stop violations, such as fire prevention channel fire safety hidden trouble,And door-to-door fire safety publicity work.According to statistics, the night inspection operation of the city’s total dispatch of more than 750 inspection teams, inspection force of more than 3,800 people, more than 9,400 inspections of various places, rectification and elimination of more than 3,000 fire hazards, more than 15,000 copies of publicity materials.