The Fun of Spring, Mr. Wong Wing Song

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This is “The fun of Spring” written by Huang Yongsong, a great writer in Taiwan.The confusion of contradictions and the beauty of Chinese characters are all contained therein.Don’t take off the heat, after taking off the cold, this is spring.Don’t send uneasy, send incorruptible, this is the Spring Festival.Don’t look lost, look disappointed, this is the Spring Festival Gala.Not by difficult to return, by uncomfortable, this is the Spring Festival transport.Do not write unwilling, write impassability, this is the Spring Festival couplets.Not fried not crisp, fried not greasy, this is spring rolls.Don’t eat greediness, eat after the stomach cold, this is spring bamboo shoots.Don’t blow the boredom, blow the cold, this is the spring breeze.Not too dry, too wet, this is spring rain.Don’t sleep don’t sleep, don’t wake up after sleep, this is spring sleep.Don’t do boring, do weak, this is a dream.12, do not wear too soil, wear ostentatious, this is spring clothes.Don’t go to special want to go, go to regret, this is spring outing.Don’t open too depression, open each other qiao, this is spring flowers.15, do not move is not a person, move a good shame!This is the heart of love!16, green is him, red is him.This is spring!Look at the season first, and then look at the history.This is spring and autumn!18, literally the sun, which means mother grace.This is chunhui!19. There used to be, but now there really isn’t.This is the spring famine!20. In the past, people pulled cattle, now machines.This is spring ploughing!Do not make up the palm itch, make up afraid people laugh, this is spring fun.