Yuepu town nanny-style full service, to help the garment factory to achieve great transformation

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A down garment factory with good reputation, but still keep the traditional business model of “one connected with the whole city’s clothing market, one followed by the farmers duck and goose shed”, the product is disjointed with the market development, how to help it out of trouble?Baoshan district for days, months and pu town, in-depth implementation of municipal party committee, the district party committee “promoting development and maintaining security” big screening visit request, according to the leading cadres of normalized on enterprise system, set up “party-government head” + team members responsibility system of special business steady business team, to the enterprise development bottleneck problems, future planning and development potential, etc, to carry out the visit, to seek a solution.Photo: Shanghai Shidongkou Garment Factory.A few days ago, Li Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee of Yuepu town, led a team to visit Shanghai Shidongkou Garment Factory to understand the development of the enterprise.Shidongkou garment factory was founded in 1992, the existing staff of 30, including 10 engineering and technical personnel, the annual production of down jackets, cold clothing, down quilts and other tens of thousands of pieces, has won the national garment industry quality keeping credit integrity union unit, IS09001 quality certification, Shanghai May 1 labor award and other 10 honors.As a labor-intensive enterprise, the initial stage of the industry boom, to solve the employment of a number of local farmers.In the hearts of consumers, “Bao Yu Bao” brand down clothing has a good reputation of genuine goods and price, reliable quality and good reputation.More than 10 years ago, the garment factory became bosideng, snow warm and other big suppliers.In recent years, with the continuous application of high and new technology and advanced production organization, enterprises have been impacted by new consumption patterns such as online sales. In addition, the rising labor costs and the reduction of matching labor force have made the traditional business model not conducive to the development of enterprises.One is connected with the city’s clothing market, and the other is followed by farmers’ duck and goose houses. There is a disconnect between the product and the market development, with high inventory, “old style” and “aging brand”…Enterprises are faced with the problem of reduced economic and social benefits. They hope that the government will give support in market development and industrial transformation.Photo: Down jacket is being made.Around the development demands of enterprises, the leaders of Yuepu Town actively contacted local central and state-owned enterprises and suggested them to give priority to enterprise products under the same conditions.Launch cooperation between industrial parks and enterprises to help enterprises expand market;We will coordinate with relevant departments to make suggestions on enterprises’ transformation and encourage them to step up technological transformation and speed up industrial transformation and upgrading.Promote the integration of central and local areas and get through the “product marketing” of enterprises.The warmth attribute of down jacket is decreasing, while the fashion attribute is strengthening. How to resist in the face of cross-border competition of fast fashion and fashion brands?After finding the root of the problem, the town Party committee and government in policy, capital and other aspects to give strong support and supporting, through the central linkage, group heating mining new business, new potential.Docking high-speed trains proofing production supporting cushion for huaneng power generation co., LTD. (suzhou industrial park) custom ma3 jia3, warm work of MCC baosteel, custom fashion store shares in protective overalls, into the precision acme, warm clothes become core growth point, the main products gradually by the duvet, down vest, down jacket into a feather clothes,The traditional workshop production mode and sales mode are transformed from “set up stalls to sell” to “touch the network to sell”, and the precision marketing ability is rapidly improved.Strengthen the cooperation between parks and enterprises, and get through the “market development” of enterprises.Southern citizens don’t wear down jackets for a long time all year round. Therefore, the customized strategy of park enterprises has become the second key to the rebirth of nirvana.Under the guidance of the government and the park department, the production team composed of business Department, R&D technology Department, purchasing Department, production department, quality control department and Marketing Department was optimized to learn the latest trends of color, fabric, style, pattern, process and new ideas of market development in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.In the relevant factory area, the site tailored, the site filled with down, a needle and a line is not loose, thousands of needles and thousands of lines to ensure quality, 350 yuan average price of down clothing, 550 yuan average price of goose down clothing, become popular in the staff, the masses of products.The town of more than a thousand comprehensive safety volunteers put on the “Treasure yu Treasure” winter vest, yuesheng company, Hsinchu Property, Baoyue property and other park company employees put on the “treasure yu treasure” work clothes, Baoshan, moon pu more and more “treasure yu treasure” figure.The mouse sells all over the world, and the enterprise has received new orders for leisure and fashion down products from Japan, the United States and other countries.To achieve linkage of blocks and break through the “technology upgrade” of enterprises.Clothing processing, cloth auxiliary management, logistics and transportation, the quality inspector strict product each quality clearance.In the recruitment process of garment factory, according to the staff’s personal expertise, physical conditions and family status, the factory director priority recruitment of poor families, sewing skills returned to Yuepu female workers into the factory.At the beginning, the technical team will patiently demonstrate, hand in hand guidance, design, version, fabric, tracking and other operations, teach them to learn so far, alone.Enterprises around the needs of young and middle-aged customers to improve the design of display, marketing fashion, trendy, subversive retention of a number of 92, 00 styles of down jackets, the “memory killing” of old and middle-aged customers in the down market broke through a day.Good products in the accumulation of word of mouth slowly grow, yuepu, Luodian residents around the city and fans flocked to.Picture shows: workshop of garment factory.Yuepu Town “whole process” tracking:Nanny service for enterprise development At present, pu town in actively promote enterprise point-to-point docking, inviting willing cooperation of the enterprise through the on-the-spot investigation, symposia exchanges and deepen understanding, at the same time, strengthen the service tracking, and feedback channels, form a closed-loop rigorous work, in the whole process nanny service for enterprise development.Guide the development of down clothing market research, find the enterprise positioning.Clothing factory is dedicated to the elderly, the enterprise staff to provide quality warm coats, middle-aged, feather products customization enterprise, for TeTi, outpatient, middle-aged and old people and special type of work the customer tailored, enjoy the specialization, standardization, refinement of high quality repair, change clothes, custom, such as door-to-door service, and commitment to unconditional return to the customer, with duvet old refurbished service,Solve the problems of logistics distribution for consumers in a timely manner.To help explore the “retail + Internet” brand promotion model.Town party committee and government help garment factory with the original industrial chain and industrial foundation, and the surrounding garment enterprises to integrate resources, “Bao Yu Bao” gradually from OEM “brand” jump to ODM “brand” road, effectively improve the high value-added products.With the help of e-commerce model and offline recursion, winter down jackets are promoted off-season in summer to help enterprises reduce inventory pressure.Through the support of the new design team and new technology research and development, a customer-centered brand chain has been formed to develop business and create value. The garment factory is reborn from the ashes.Xinmin Evening News reporter Guo Jianfeng