Zhang Jie Xie Na’s lawyer statement with Liu Chuanzhi’s silence

2022-05-12 0 By

How should a public figure deal with a hot issue?As the old saying goes, it is better to guard against the mouth of the people than against the stream.Liu Chuanzhi, Yang Yuanqing and others chose to be silent on the association event, Zhang Jie Xena chose to let lawyers “voice” on the buying event.Both Yang Liu and Zhang Xie are undoubtedly celebrities, and they have chosen not to speak out in person, as is their right.Whether the hot social discussion of the alliance involves the responsibility of Yang Liu in the loss of state-owned assets, or the real estate agent Mr. H accused Zhang Jiexena of “jumping single” behavior, or zhang Jiexena’s lawyer pointed out in the statement of the real estate agent called “slander” or infringement of the party’s right of reputation, etc.,It is a basic consensus that the final determination of these conclusions shall be subject to the final determination of the public security Law and other organs of state power and the final ruling of the law.But when the final decision is not made, is the argument unnecessary?Truth seems to be more argue more bright, SiMaNa problems with tenny threw, lenovo and liu Yang yuanqing, etc to the beginning to end all have no positive response, let alone into the category of the law to solve the problem, but the incident after months of a big discussion, for once NiLiu struggle, for metallurgical and MaoGongJi route,Related to lenovo’s previous share reform facts, I believe that we have a new understanding.Zhang Jie Xie Na and H intermediary in the debate.Real estate agents generally speaking, the social status is not high, the industry’s internal companies are also mixed, management and management level is uneven, many people bought the house through the intermediary, there are also many people have experienced the so-called black intermediary all kinds of deception, the resulting disputes are often seen in all kinds of media.Compared to ordinary people, stars are a group of people with fame and fortune, and have a large number of fans and followers.When two groups of people with very different social status get involved in a dispute, it naturally attracts a lot of attention.Provide all kinds of information from the two sides, zhang jie uproot shayna side through the mediation seen house, zhang jie uproot shayna side through the related benefit associated company finally bought the house, without the H, buy this house intermediary hand, H mediation and zhang jie uproot shayna side of intermediary fees pay disputed whether there is or whether it should be.Although the final result did not come out, but I believe that after this debate, buyers, sellers, intermediaries how to protect their legitimate rights and interests in social and economic activities, we will have a new understanding.