Anhui couple gave birth to quintuplets 16 years ago, the parents insist on not giving away, now how?

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With the development of society, medical technology has also been greatly improved, and now there are many more families giving birth to twins and triplets with the help of technology.But under the condition of normal pregnancy, able to bear risk of multiple births are still very small, according to medical statistics, pregnant with triplets in the world is a one over one million chance, carrying the five children of low probability to one over sixty million, and a couple of anhui, 16 years ago, in the medical technology is not developed, naturally conceived gave birth to five children, although the poor family condition,But they still insist on feeding their children themselves and not giving them away.Chen Qiangbiao was born in Donghu Village, Dashi Township, Taihu Lake. His parents were farmers who fed fish to fish ponds. In 2005, Chen’s parents arranged matchmaking for his wife shi Youqin.Shi youqin, the fourth of four children and a twin, has lived in Donghu since her family came to the village when she was seven.After she and Chen Qiangbiao blind date, two people in the process of getting along give birth to good feeling, so in February 2006 two people chose to register marriage.After marriage, the couple loved each other deeply, and soon they had the crystallization of love. After the two parents knew the news of pregnancy, they were even more happy, but no one had ever thought that Shi Youqin would be pregnant with quintuplets.But as the husband of Chen Qiangbiao heart is very suffering, his wife pregnant he is really happy, but think about the situation at home now, he began to worry, home conditions were not good, now there are five children, this is not rich family is worse.In 2005, Chen Qiangbiao lost more than 300,000 yuan because of fish farming. After taking out all his savings, he also borrowed 120,000 yuan of foreign debt. In order to pay off the debt, Chen Qiangbiao had to work to earn money and maintain the daily expenses of his family.But even so, the family still cannot make ends meet, before his wife pregnant to go to the hospital to check the money is borrowed by him and his neighbors, Chen Qiangbiao tangled for a long time, or decided to leave the child.No matter how difficult it is in the future, he should try his best to support his wife and children. This is his responsibility as a husband, and also his responsibility as a man!Fortunately, despite her difficult pregnancy with the quintuplets and the constant fear of what might happen to them, she survived the pregnancy without incident.On December 6, 2006, the wife gave birth by Caesarean section to quintuplets, two boys and three girls. The couple named the children Chen Xinya, Chen Shengao, Chen Jie ‘ou, Chen Yumei and Chen Canfei.Chen Qiangbiao couple, put up with all kinds of raise quintuplets because pregnant is quintuplets, such as less than full term birth, so the children are premature, weak, can not directly take home to raise, have to stay in the hospital for a month or so.After the hospital learned of their poor situation, they chose to go through the green channel, reducing most of the medical fees, so that his children and wife can get better care here.Although the immediate pressing problem was solved, but the alimony of five children in the future is still a huge problem for Chen Qiangbiao.His wife’s milk is not enough for five children to drink, and it is a huge expenditure to drink milk powder. Diapers are too expensive, so the children can only use diapers, even so, the family can not afford it. Chen Qiangbiao was overwhelmed by these problems.Fortunately, when the couple 2 people worry about this thing, the thing had a good turning point very quickly, Chen Qiangbiao gives birth to the thing of quintuplets in this small county city caused a great sensation.Through media reports, we learned that his family conditions are not good, good people from all walks of life have extended a helping hand, the most let Chen Qiangbiao headache milk powder problem is also a milk powder free contract.There are good samaritans can help foster a child, more good samaritans put forward to give Chen Qiangbiao couple a sum of money, so that they can give the child a better life, but have been Rejected by Chen Qiangbiao couple, they think that since decided to give birth to the child will be good to raise, can not be sent at will.In order to take care of the five babies, everyone in the family has come to the rescue. Even the unmarried sister of the family has come to help. Sometimes the neighbors will come to help when they see their family is in trouble.The couple said: “At that time, it took several hours just to wash the children’s clothes, plus the baby’s milk powder, changing diapers, the family is busy, but the heart is happy.”Although the process of carrying the quintuplets is very hard, but with the help of all walks of life and family care, the quintuplets have grown up little by little.The healthy growth of the children, Chen Qiangbiao couple thanks to the kind people in a blink of an eye two years past, the quintuplets have been two years old, but Chen Qiangbiao couple has encountered new problems, the original domestic milk powder exposed to melamine incident, fund their own milk powder is also in them.Horrified by the news, the couple were immediately contacted by the hospital where the babies were born, who gave them a free checkup and were relieved to learn that they were all in good health.In 2009, the quintuplets to school age, in order to provide a better educational environment for the children, the couple moved to anqing city, hesitated, the couple still clenched teeth to rent a big house.The couple also found new jobs in the new city as they had hoped. Although the income was not much, it was enough to support the family.In July 2013, accompanied by their families, the children successfully went through the admission procedures. Although they were not in the same class, they were all in the same school, and it was convenient for parents to pick them up and drop them off.On the seventh birthday of the quintuplets in the same year, medical staff from the local hospital came to visit the five children with birthday cake and new clothes and trousers. They also left a donation of 10,000 yuan, hoping that with this money, the children could grow up healthier and contribute to the society in the future.Quintuplets time flies, now the quintuplets are 14 years old, they study hard, and are more kind and progressive in daily life. Years have passed, the couple still feel grateful, and have not forgotten the kind people who helped them at that time.Couple once said, “thank you for your love and care for our family, in our most difficult time, aided you, without your help, we are now in secure life, we will work hard, have a good life, to raise the children raised, the let them become the society in the future, useful to the country!”