At 12 o ‘clock on February 7, traffic control on these roads in Gansu was lifted

2022-05-13 0 By

Riverrun news reporters learned from the Gansu Provincial Public Security Department traffic management bureau, as of 12 o ‘clock on February 7, zhangye, Dingxi, Tianshui, Pingliang, Qingyang, longnan part of the local light snow, the rest of the overcast or cloudy.According to the traffic conditions, lift G75 Lanzhou south, Hadadapu (to the Direction of The Source), G30 Wudongquan to Feng Citrate, G0611 Party Zhai east to Bian Du kou along the entrance of the toll station all vehicles, G30 Jiuquan to Qingshui along the entrance of the toll station two passengers and one dangerous vehicle traffic control.The rest of the road early restrictions continue.Zhang Xiuyun, Riverrun News reporter