Zhou Qiang and news media representatives stressed in-depth study, publicity and implementation of Xi Jinping thought on the rule of law to promote justice for the people justice he Rong presided over

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Zhou Qiang, president and party secretary of the Supreme People’s Court, speaks at a news media symposium held by the Supreme People’s Court on The afternoon of January 25.Zhou qiang stressed that must adhere to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study to promote implementation of xi jinping, the rule of law thoughts, earnestly implement the jinping important discourse spirit of general secretary of the propaganda and ideological work, strengthen the court news propaganda, consciously accept the supervision of public opinion, realize the benign interaction, justice and the media to promote judicial justice for the people and justice,We will work together to promote the rule of law in China and create a favorable public opinion atmosphere for the opening of the party’s 20th National Congress.The picture shows the scene of the Supreme People’s Court news media symposium.Before the symposium, Zhou Qiang presented the award to the award-winning journalist of “Influential Author of the Year” in the essay contest of “Journalists view Institute” in 2021.Representatives of the media spoke enthusiastically at the symposium, and made their opinions and suggestions on how to strengthen the publicity of the people’s courts and promote the execution of trials.Zhou Qiang made a careful note of his speech, saying that he would conscientiously sort out and absorb your insights, further strengthen and improve the court’s press and publicity work, and promote the reform and development of the court.At the symposium, Zhou Qiang had an in-depth heart-to-heart exchange with everyone in a warm atmosphere.Thank you zhou qiang news media for a long time for the work of the people’s court concern, support and supervision, points out that the news media reports thoroughly study and apply xi thought of rule of law, with a strong sense of responsibility in maintaining social equity and justice, the sense of mission, with one wonderful news, propaganda court work, reflect the voice of the masses, to carry out the supervision by public opinion,It vividly demonstrates the concrete practice of Xi Jinping’s thought on the rule of law in the people’s courts, timely reflects the new demands and expectations of the people for fairness and justice, and makes positive contributions to promoting the development of the people’s judicial cause and promoting the rule of law in China.Zhou qiang pointed out that in the past year, with the strong support of the news media, the people’s Courts have achieved remarkable results in their news publicity work.Red justice story people judicial tradition inheritance, persist the red veins, chun-mei zhou YingMo character deeds touched by the whole society, such as a batch of carrying forward of socialist core values trigger a strong focus on the typical cases, and civil code implementation, “one-stop” work style construction, the people’s court publicity widespread impact, such as air vital qi, strongly promote the spirit of the rule of law more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,It has created a good public opinion environment for promoting the high-quality development of the people’s courts in the new era and promoted the construction of the rule of law in China.Zhou qiang pointed out that 2022 is an important year for comprehensively building a modern socialist country and marching toward the second centenary Goal, and it is of great significance to do a good job in the press and publicity work this year.The primary political task of studying, publicizing, and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era should be given priority, and the main task of welcoming, publicizing, and implementing the PARTY’s 20th National Congress should be closely followed to create a favorable public opinion atmosphere for its successful convening.We must always adhere to the correct political, public opinion, and value orientation, play the main theme, and strengthen positive energy, so as to provide a strong ideological guarantee and strong spiritual strength for advancing the rule of law in all respects and realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.Zhou qiang stressed the need to innovate mechanisms and strengthen cooperation to achieve sound interaction between the judiciary and the media, promote justice for the people and make justice be just, so that the people can truly feel that justice is around them.We should follow the law of justice and the law of news communication, deeply grasp the characteristics of public opinion communication in the Internet era, and fully tap the value of news reporting of typical cases in ways that are popular with the people, so as to tell good stories about the rule of law in China and spread good voices about the rule of law in China.It is necessary to strengthen communication between courts and news media, expand the scope and depth of cooperation, and carry out more publicity activities with distinct themes and various forms.The people’s courts should further deepen judicial openness, actively respond to social concerns, consciously accept supervision by public opinion, support and protect supervision by public opinion, and effectively transform criticism and suggestions into a powerful driving force for strengthening and improving the work of the people’s courts.It is hoped that the media will continue to care about and support the work of the people’s Courts, make positive suggestions and suggestions, jointly safeguard fairness and justice, and make new and greater contributions to building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.He Rong, deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, presided over the symposium.Yang Linping, member of the Party Group and vice president of the Supreme People’s Court, attended the symposium and read out the list of award-winning journalists of “Annual Influential Author” in the essay contest of “Journalists’ View Institute” in 2021.The picture shows Zhou Qiang taking a group photo with representatives of the news media attending the symposium.Symposium, Xu Juan, ni Yi, wei-han Yang, Rosa, nobleness, li wenjie, Sun Ying greatly, tang, zhang ying, JiKeNing, Sue height to width, WenXin, Chang Yang, JinHao, Cao Yin, wei Yang, lu yue, Wang Yijun, chun-xia wang, Li Xiuping, Bryan, wang wei, ZanXiuLi, ShaXueLiang, Cheng Shuwen, BoChenDi, news media, such as the sun, full of peach, yan-ling zhang, doing on behalf of the speeches.Leaders of relevant departments of the Supreme People’s Court attended the symposium.