02.14 Stock market closing comments: how to deduce the hot track collective callback market?

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Market review: The three major a-share indexes closed down today, with the Shanghai Composite index down 0.98% to 3,428.88 points;The Shenzhen Component index fell 0.77 percent to 13,123.21;The chinext index fell 0.52 percent to 2,732.01 points.The market turnover reached 862.4 billion yuan, and industry sectors were mixed, with insurance, securities, banking and real estate industries leading the decline, and COVID-19 drug stocks bucking the market surged.Today’s disk: technical trend, Shanghai index continues to shock adjustment, short-term focus on whether the index volume can be amplified, recovered and stabilized 3460 points, currently in the small level of shock interval.The index fell below the double top neckline support level of 3100 points in the short term, and continued to fall, 2700 points formed a new support level, the second support level of 2600 points, there is no sign of stabilization.Table funds: Top five market fund flows today (as shown in the following figure) : Top five market fund flows on the fifth day (as shown in the following figure) : net inflows of northbound funds throughout the day (as shown in the following figure) : net inflows of 3.788 billion yuan.Trend analysis and judgment: 1. Market trend: a. Shanghai Composite Index is adjusted by shock, and is now in the bottoming small-level rebound area, with short-term pressure at 3460.(Daily stock price in the trapped chips intensive area, short-term below 3500 points of shock adjustment, rebound takes time) focus on the number of effective amplification, break through 3460 and stand firm, such as stand and can break through 3500 points, the trend will jump out of the small level of shock area, into the average long repair.B. Entrepreneurial version refers to the short-term fall below the double top neckline support level of 3100, 2700 points to form a new support level, there is no sign of stabilization in the short term.Shanghai Composite Index: support level: A.3400 b.3350 Pressure level: A.3500 B.3620 3Weekly big cycle, no systemic risk at present: Pressure: 3600 points support: 3300 points core theme (logic main line) : 1.Investment background: The scientific and technological content of the Winter Olympic Games, the direction of the science and technology sector: digital, cloud, artificial intelligence, new materials and other technologies, is to let the host country and host city to see the direction of lasting new growth momentum.Scenes with high technological elements include robot restaurants, immersive live streaming technology, Fuxing intelligent train (driverless train, Huawei 5G base station, HD mobile studio, real-time transmission of HD video data), carbon dioxide cooling technology, flying torch, etc.2. Investment opportunities: The sectors are mainly distributed in the media sector (metaverse, NFT and virtual digital man), electronics (screen interaction, cloud services and intelligence) and communications (5G, AIoT, cloud computing).3. Market direction: The concept of Beijing Winter Olympics, investment opportunities throughout the games, in the market high boom track stocks collective decline, has not appeared under the overall background of new speculation plate, this theme, can continue to pay attention to.Although it has risen once before, short-term investment opportunities continue to exist while the Winter Olympics are still being held, and market funds have recently returned to the market, such as the direction of the digital economy.From the disk, The Beijing Winter Olympics index, is also in a bottom rebound area, rising space continues to exist, you can look for the Winter Olympics science and technology elements of the subdivision plate and high-quality targets, short-term game.Market main line and operation strategy: the market adjusted again, forming a double dip, currently in the process of eliminating false and retaining true, but the overall downward space is not much.On the whole, it is not suitable to be too pessimistic in the short term. The main reasons are as follows: First, the adjustment of track mark has been gradually repaired, and the foam keeps getting smaller;Second, the past 2-3 years have also been a structural bull market, and there are still many good stocks to invest in.Third, although the world is facing the situation of liquidity tightening, China’s central bank’s previous policies are more forward-looking, and there is still room for monetary policy easing, which is relatively favorable.Moreover, with the opening of the two sessions and the implementation of follow-up concrete measures, there is no need to worry about economic policy.Market direction, short-term disk plate appear differentiation, money is round, new energy, auto parts, energy storage, wind power, photovoltaic and other valuation regression), pharmaceutical stocks (acquisition policy) and large consumption sectors, such as collective fell, a significant correction, but the plate high valuations in the process of decline has gained certain digestive, began to appear a reasonable position, the fall is limited,The logic of long-term investment remains the same.Short-term funds in the market are concentrated in the COVID-19 concept (in vitro diagnosis + COVID-19 drugs), digital economy (digital currency) and infrastructure sectors. Capital flows back in these sectors and continues to game short-term opportunities. If this sector continues to rise, the market is expected to recover.Gem refers to the short-term “king of Ning” callback, the market has a partial decline, short-term attention to “King of Ning” whether a firm line, driving the recovery of innovation refers.In operation, short-term attention refers to whether the number can effectively enlarge, break through 3460 and form effective support. If it can stand firm and break through 3500 points, the trend will jump out of the small level of concussion area, enter the average long recovery, looking for the high boom track stocks with reasonable valuation and configuration.For reference only!Risk tip: the stock market has a risk investment need to be cautious;This point of view is for reference only, does not constitute operational advice, at your own risk!This report is compiled and produced by The Investment Advisors of Essence Securities Guangzhou Branch. 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