The material condition of some families is really not good, the parents tell the truth is the hope that the children understand their parents

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In this situation, I desperately need other relationships to fill the gap in my family, and I really want someone who can understand and accompany me.On the one hand, this time is not suitable; on the other hand, it is a great challenge to my study; on the other hand, I hope my favorite person can have a good future. I don’t want to disturb him or her. Company is the longest confession of love.So the hole is filled by friendship, and I value friends.The family envied the plum since childhood, and the family was very harmonious. Although her family was not rich as ours, the love between the family spilled over the screen.Later, the family had an accident and owed a lot of money. Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. They never told me how much they owed.Dad’s health is not good, at home is mom.I have cried about change and spoken to trusted elders.It may not be obvious, because they will make you feel guilty in every aspect of your life.Some children are also led out of this kind of pleasing personality, and the ability is stronger, better mentality will only feel the hard-won money, the so-called mud and not dyed.My father always told me this, but he gave me the best he could. I think I know more about my parents than my peers, and even my biggest goal is to try my best to repay them in the future.People are not only live for themselves, my parents would rather not have their own to give me good, blunt this point, all my efforts for them why not?I think such education will make children sensible, considerate parents, rather than those whose parents are very hard, but spend money freely.Some family material conditions are really bad, parents just tell the truth, hope that children also understand their parents, understand the family situation, there is nothing bad, but parents should also educate children to spend the money must be spent.