The nominations for the 2022 Global Mobile Awards have been announced, with Samsung and Apple on the list, the only unexpected domestic manufacturer

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All walks of life are facing digital transformation. No matter information infrastructure construction or more powerful data transmission, mobile network is inseparable, and all kinds of mobile communication devices derived on this basis are affecting our work and life all the time.Therefore, the annual Mobile World Congress is always so eye-catching. The 2022 Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 28 to March 3, 2022, and international major companies such as Google, Vodafone, Orange, Ericsson, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have confirmed their attendance.Huawei, Honor and other domestic technology enterprises have also confirmed attending the conference.During the exhibition, in addition to displaying the latest research achievements and future technologies, the most influential and valuable Awards in the world — THE Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO Awards) will be presented.Founded by gSMA, an authoritative organization in the communications industry, the awards cover mobile technology, mobile products and other fields, and aim to recognize products and services that have made profound contributions to the development of the global communications industry.Any product, program or service that can be nominated for this award and finally participate in the competition means that it has been recognized by experts in the same field all over the world, which is the most direct embodiment of the core competitiveness of the enterprise.This year’s Global Mobile Awards are divided into 7 categories and 24 categories. In the most familiar field of terminals, 5 products have been nominated for the most breakthrough innovative product award, and participate in the final list of winners.Apple Tags, Fairphone 4, Google Tensor Chip, OPPO for Its Hinge & AMP;Display Integration on the Find N and Samsung Foldable.OPPO Find N was nominated for its excellent hinges and design, making OPPO the only Chinese manufacturer to be nominated.OPPO Find N is the first foldable flagship built by OPPO after four years and six generations. Through 125 patents, the 7.1-inch inner screen can achieve the effect of almost invisible crease under the state of bright screen, and it has become the world’s first foldable phone with TUV Rhein foldable free certification.The droplet hinge developed by the company not only improves durability, but also realizes the effect of hovering at any Angle, and is specially adapted in the system, bringing a brand new interactive experience completely different from that of a straight screen phone.The machine was widely praised by the industry, media and users once it was released. Several rounds of sales were quickly snapped up, and the pre-order volume has exceeded 1 million units so far.It is worth mentioning that OPPO Find N has been on the market for only half a month, and its foldable screen has accounted for 6.1% of the domestic market in the whole year. It has a promising future.At the same time, the nominated Apple Tags, through ultra-broadband technology space perception, precise wireless positioning and tracking function, can reduce the positioning accuracy to about 10cm, very suitable for tracking items or positioning people, for the home of the elderly or children of the user is appropriate.The Fairphone4 is a modular, self-healing phone that breaks the mold. It’s easy to replace parts and extend its life. The Fairphone4 comes with a five-year warranty to encourage people to use it for longer and enjoy the convenience of the experience.The Google Tensor Chip is a home-grown Chip that takes all the coprocessors Google has released in the past and puts them into SoC and adds a TPU processing unit for mobile devices to dramatically increase the AI power of video, video, search, subtitles and text-to-speech experiences.Samsung Foldable is an exploration of mobile phone form. As the world’s first Foldable phone manufacturer, Samsung Foldable has obvious advantages in screen folding. This nomination is not only recognized by its peers around the world, but also promises to bring even better experiences and surprises in the future.More than five product can obtain global mobile awards in 2022 it serves to show its high strength, the products had been nominated for breakthrough innovation means it performed very well in scientific research and innovation, and use experience to consumers with obviously promoted, especially the OPPO can Find N nomination is the jump of the domestic mobile phone technology.As the only Chinese manufacturer nominated, OPPO will continue to innovate and develop new products to enhance the core competitiveness of the company. Meanwhile, we hope that more domestic manufacturers can achieve the same success as OPPO. Let’s wait and see.