Celebrate Spring Festival with your friends in World of Tanks in 1VS1 mode

2022-05-15 0 By

What do you do at home during the holiday?Is it eating, eating, eating?Or are you in play mode?When it comes to playing, it is recommended that you stop playing low-end games and choose games that elevate your vision.A console game like World of Tanks is a game that can elevate your vision, and it can be a lot of fun.World of Tanks is a game for martial arts fans. Many of the tanks in the game are based on actual tanks, and many of them have fought in wars.When choosing a tank for battle, read its introduction and learn about its history.While the game provides you with excitement, it also broadens your knowledge of military equipment, killing two birds with one stone.And since January 31st, World of Tanks has launched a “All Games” campaign, which provides a more exciting mode for you to play while you’re at home on holiday.Because there are 1VS1, 3VS3 and 7VS7 battle modes in this campaign, don’t you think you have good skills, but you can’t show them in group battle?That’s easy to do. Sign up for 1VS1. Hero or bear.This match is reasonably arranged at the time point, most battles are arranged at 8 o ‘clock in the evening, generally this time period is not too busy, so it is more free to play.However, there will be a 7VS7 match on January 31st at 4pm, a 1VS1 match on February 3rd at 4pm, a 3VS3 match on February 5th at 4pm and a 7VS7 match on February 6th at 4pm.Registration is also relatively simple, click on the activity you can see.However, it is important to note that registration closes 30 minutes before the start of the race, so make sure your timing is right.For multiplayer battles, you need to join a clan or create your own clan.If your friends also play, might as well with him to form a team, together to win the championship.This reward is still quite satisfying, the general first prize is 1200 gold coins reward, if you participate in the game is doubled gold coins reward, then your gold income will become 2400.Do you mean “great”?Don’t panic. We can win the game.After all, this 1VS1 battle is too technical, no ability only sidelined.Now is the time to show off your skills. Take the chance to win the first place, in addition to the glory of the battlefield, you will also receive a lot of gold, why not?Of course, no matter how wonderful the activity is, it can’t compare to the joy of spending time with family.So leave most of your time to your family, like the screen that pops up when you turn on the game.Well, that’s all for now. Go get your victory.And happy New Year to you all!Also, don’t forget to participate in the Chinese New Year Gift sending event to get bonus decorations or coins in the game!