Guangzhou cultural tourism industry can apply for the development of special funds

2022-05-15 0 By

Xinkuai News reporter Xu Wanjie reported that recently, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism issued the “Notice on the application of 2022 Guangzhou Culture and Tourism Industry Development Special Fund” Digital Cultural Industry Project “, officially launched a new round of “Guangzhou culture and tourism industry development special fund” digital cultural industry project “.This declaration is for enterprises and other institutions engaged in cultural tourism industry research and development, production, service and management with independent legal personality engaged in production and business activities in Guangzhou.The applicant is required to have a sound financial system, good credit, objective and true business index data submitted, and no major production safety accidents, major environmental pollution accidents or other major illegal acts within two years before the declaration.The time span of the application is from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.The categories of projects to be applied include new forms of cultural and tourism, digital cultural content creation, digital cultural and consumer products, large digital cultural exhibitions and platforms, etc. The circular clearly stipulates the number of projects each applicant can apply for.The reporter noted that the notice also put forward basic requirements for “digital cultural content”, pointing out that the original cartoon works represent the industry’s creative standards and the image of Guangzhou city;Original boutique games can represent the industry level and the image of Guangzhou city.As for the purpose of the special fund, the notice also made it clear that it should be used for daily operation and business expenses, and not for welfare expenses such as employee bonuses.The applicant shall submit the paper version of Guangzhou Special Fund For Cultural Tourism Industry Development and the application materials to the local Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports before February 18, 2022. The bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports of each district shall check and stamp the official seal after preliminary examination.Applicants should log in the policy cashing service area of “Guangdong Government Affairs Service Network” to make online declaration before February 25, and send paper materials to the policy cashing comprehensive acceptance window on the 5th floor of Guangzhou Government Affairs Service Center before February 28.