No matter how small the courtyard is, it is necessary to keep a “wood fragrant flower”, which will grow into a piece in a year and blossom more, and neighbors say it is beautiful

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We can can see the figure of plants in the cities, because plant represents the civilization of the city, so each city will have a flower markets and places to buy plants, the exhibition also has a lot of flowers, there are many unknown flowers displayed at the flower show, there are a lot of people will be long to see how China’s flower is a kind of elegant appearance.In fact, the history of flower planting in our country is very long, there are many flowers are passed down after our ancestors planted technology, so our flower planting technology is more and more powerful.Now life is more and more developed, so that a lot of people will rely on high-tech things, and then people often get sick, so plants are very important for us.There is a yard or balcony in the home commonly, can plant one or two plants, once there was a special chance to go to the yard of a family, see a kind of particularly beautiful flower, this is the wood sweet flower.This plant is very beautiful, when flowering is a cluster of clusters, passers-by can not help but go to see, wood flowers have also been introduced by foreigners, a good choice to decorate the yard.The choice of the growth site is very low-key, and it is difficult to distinguish from the grass if it does not blossom, but the flower is very beautiful, so that many foreign friends will want to China a single fragrance of the elegant demeanor.Woody flowers are generally distributed in the south of our country, because now the expansion of the planting range, basically in each big city can see the figure of woody flowers.Costus take this kind of plant is belong to the type of player, climbing so it climb performance is very good, so that can reach 6 meters high, is very suitable for planting in the yard, this flower is very small, so the formation of a bunch of a bunch of an umbrella, very good-looking, like people slide with a parachute, dancing with the wind.There are many kinds of colors of woody flowers, you can choose to plant according to your preferences, not to say that you have to choose a kind of, you can choose two colors of woody flowers a kind of, because then red and white will be very nice, there are a lot of people began to ask, that woody flowers this plant how to plant?Costus spend this kind of flower is not as difficult to feed, you think this kind of plant is very easy to survive, because it’s survival environment is not so good at the beginning, so, woody flower plants is also very suitable for inexperienced people to plant, for experienced people, sweet flowers very obedient, it is need to take the time to grow.On the choice of soil, the combination of flowers can be planted in the yard, can also be found in the balcony, flower POTS must be waterproof performance is good, so more can guarantee costus flowers grow, as long as it is combination can take roots in this basin unfolded, to be able to grow well and is very appropriate that this basin is a combination of flowers, also want to keep moist air in the room.Conditional can put an air humidifying machine in the house, the wood flower in the spring when the strip, every morning and evening to pour once, summer this temperature is very high season, easy to dry water.So the amount of watering should be increased moderately, but in the winter, it can not be poured once in the morning and evening, must be less poured, as long as the soil is wet.Fertilization time must choose carbon amount of fertilizer, such as chicken manure such as cow dung, once every half a month to a combination of flowers fertilization, especially sweet flowers in the spring began to smoke when, can give costus spend a higher concentration of fertilizer, which can play a foundation, to a combination of flowers will grow very well all season.We should also pay attention to the regular pruning of branches to the fragrance flowers, so as to maintain the overall beauty, but also pay attention to the erosion of some insects for the fragrance flowers, you can use insect spray to lure.It is very happy to drink tea and chat under the tree in the yard. If it is a woody flower planted on the ground, we must pay attention to the rain in summer and drainage must be timely, otherwise the root will rot.Say to want to hold these so only, spend time to protect again, without what flower is raise bad, the beauty in the life has so much wood sweet flower, also be the object that everybody place chooses for certain, and wood sweet flower still belongs to the variety of thick sweet, be planted in the yard, 10 in fragrance, neighbor saw also can boast host savour decorous.Imagine getting up in the morning, smelling the flowers, walking out on the balcony, as if bathing in this little sea of flowers.Leisure time, sitting under the flower curtain, bubble on a pot of yellow wood fragrant flower tea, tasting tea, smelling flowers, as if immortal day!Click the merchandise card link below to buy!Our shop package to version package alive!Our shop shelves boutique wood flowers (red, white, yellow), during the event price concessions, but also launched a buy 2 get 1 extra value discount activities!Favorite friends can pack together to take home!