Who are the players with great strength and skill?Zidane and him!

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Who are the players with great strength and skill?To reach the top level, strength alone or skill alone is certainly not enough.A pele or Maradona is a player who combines strength and skill, physical strength, explosiveness, head-to-head ability, speed, and great sense, awareness and charisma to become the king of the game.If you want to talk about “strong and skilled players,” I can also recommend these two.Zinedine Zidane: the master of midfield!All say zidane is elegant master, in fact Zidane’s physical attributes are also very rebellious.Zidane, who plays the role of the midfield, has delicate foot skills, stable ability to stop and hold the ball, and can control all kinds of kniff-ball is also a piece of cake. His dribbling and passing movement is elegant, his passing organization and dispatching is leisurely, and he can use his feet and vision to dominate the team’s attack direction.The Marseille roundabout is zidane’s specialty, and the Flying Fairy is zidane’s classic moment.Zidane not only has a delicate ball sense, his physical ability is also very strong.At 1.85 cm tall, Zidane is muscular, balanced and never loses his edge.Zidane is a master of the midfield and can, at times, even play in the penalty area as well as a powerful centre-forward.Ronaldinho: The wizard of football!Ronaldinho’s skills and imagination are undeniable, his dribbling moves are dazzling, his way of passing and shooting is always new.You never know what Ronaldinho will do next.Ronaldinho can play as a left winger, midfielder and striker, with the improvisation of a streetball player and the physicality of professional football.In addition to his sense of the ball and creativity, Ronaldinho’s strength, speed, explosiveness, dexterity and agility are all very high, and he has been able to attack with the ball without getting out of shape while hanging on to opposing defenders.How could it have been done without the best technology?In addition, the likes of Kaka, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Romario, redondo or Thierry Henry are also a combination of skill and power, which I won’t go into here for space reasons.Apart from Zidane and Ronaldinho, what other players have you seen with great strength and skill?Welcome to write down their names.