A sudden!In recent days, the United States, Britain and other governments have urged their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately

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In recent days, many governments have warned their citizens to leave The country as tensions continue in Ukraine.According to CCTV news on February 11, the US State Department on October 10 believed that the level of military threat from Russia had increased, and urged all Americans in Ukraine to “leave immediately”.Japan has raised the danger level across Ukraine to the highest level due to further tensions in the country, the Foreign Ministry said On Monday, calling for the immediate evacuation of Japanese citizens in Ukraine.Australian Prime Minister Morrison said on February 11 that Australian citizens in Ukraine should leave the country as soon as possible because of the situation, according to Reuters and The Australian reported by CCTV news.On February 11, local time, the British Foreign Office advised people not to travel to Ukraine and advised British citizens still in the country to leave as soon as possible, CCTV news reported.The British government says it’s continuing to evacuate its embassy in Kiev, and while it’s open, it’s no longer providing one-on-one consular services.New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday urged its citizens in Ukraine to leave the country immediately, CCTV reported, citing Reuters.Daily Business News is a comprehensive daily business news from CCTV News