Can the small third woman accuse the man of bigamy?

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Consultant asks: Hello!The mistress knew that the husband had a family at first, and during the period of living with the husband, the husband lied that he had been divorced and continued to live together, and gave birth to a son. Can the mistress accuse the husband of bigamy?Lawyer Chen answered: Hello, for your question, the answer is as follows.If the man does conceal the fact of the marital relationship and lives with his mistress under the name of husband and wife, the mistress can certainly Sue the man for bigamy.But the problem is that if the bigamy crime is confirmed by the court, your illegitimate child with the man may suffer serious negative effects in his work and life in the future.Once the immediate family members are involved in criminal crimes, many jobs are not involved, and the political trial may not pass.Do you need to go to the point where the biological father of your child has a criminal record, and are you willing to accept the legal consequences?If you are willing to bear the burden, you can choose to Sue in court.