Canada is totally messed up!Us behind it again?The White House couldn’t sit still after it set itself on fire

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From Alberta in the west to Quebec City in the east, and towns in between, thousands of Canadians have taken to the streets in trucks, tractors, cars and on foot in recent days to protest government restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19, according to domestic media.The protesters, honking their horns continuously, demanded that all levels of government lift restrictions, including demands for vaccines and face masks, as well as restrictions on business and gatherings.The protests even caused traffic jams in the Canadian capital Ottawa, chaos around the parliament building and a state of emergency in the city, forcing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to move to a safer location.Protester James McDonald told reporters: “This whole thing is not just about vaccines, it’s now about all the hardships that everybody’s been through.”He added that he had been in Ottawa since the weekend and had no plans to leave until containment measures were lifted.Truckers have extended their battle from the capital to the Border with Canada.The truckers initially protested against legislation in Canada and the United States that requires truckers crossing the border to be vaccinated.In addition, the trucker protests in Canada are spilling over to other countries, setting off a demonstration effect in many countries.Copycat protests have sprung up in Australia, New Zealand and France.Amid the national turmoil in Canada, there have been media reports that the Canadian protest is being supported not only by the Conservative Party in Canada, but also by some media and podcasts in the United States, among others.Former US President Donald Trump even came out to support the Canadian demonstrators, saying they “bravely resisted illegal orders”.Its supporters plan a similar protest in Washington, DC.Canadian police say the protest was funded by American money.Bruce Heyman, who served as U.S. ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama, said some U.S. organizations should stop engaging in “destructive Activities in Canada,” and called on domestic forces to stay out of Canada’s affairs.”Under no circumstances should any organization in the United States fund Canada’s destructive activities and must stop completely!” he wrote on Twitter.And in the United States, Republicans have taken delight in the spread of protests in Canada that have paralyzed cities, drawing fire from Canadian officials who insist they will not back down on what sparked the demonstrations.It’s worth noting that the protests in Canada have had a negative impact on the United States as well.The drivers’ protest disrupted traffic into Canada, especially as the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit, Michigan, to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, was closed.White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Friday that she supports free speech, but also warned that a border blockade could affect supply chains and hurt the auto industry and agriculture.She added that U.S. President Joe Biden is paying close attention to the issue and is in close contact with the Department of Homeland Security, Canadian officials and industry to do what they can to mitigate the impact.