China is already ahead of Russia in the heavy truck market share of 23%

2022-05-17 0 By

You know, Russian cars have long been recognized by the outside world, especially the famous Kamaz truck.He has won the Dakar Rally 13 times in a row since 1990 and is the largest truck manufacturer in Russia.But maybe you don’t know, from the 1990s, Kamath exported a total of 50,000 trucks to China, and then withdrew from the Chinese market in the new century.The reason for this is that The development of Chinese trucks has been so rapid that it has put Russia’s heavy trucks to shame.Of course, we cannot deny that once in the Soviet Union, soviet-made aircraft, ships, railway carriages, cars, engines and other products, did win global recognition.However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s industrial level has plummeted, and many products have to be imported.In addition, with the continuous development of Chinese industry, it has occupied a large number of Russian car market, and even many command vehicles of the Russian army are dominated by Harvard H9.Moreover, Local cars in Russia now occupy only about 25% of the country’s car market, while the remaining 75% is occupied by Europe, China, South Korea and Japan, among which Chinese truck tires account for about 23% of The Share in Russia.As for the heavy trucks similar to Russian missile launchers, they are products from Belarus.Besides, kamas truck, can only be said to be the aristocrat in the truck, you would say that there is absolutely no problem with it to cross country, but if used to run transportation, absolutely not cost-effective.In addition, after 2006, Chinese trucks such as Sinotruk, Beiben, Foton, Shaanxi Automobile and FAW entered Russia and quickly occupied a large number of markets.Even the Russian pride of the Kamas truck, already using the Huai Diesel engine, Faster gearbox and east Windmill bridge, so Russia is now at least 15 years behind China in the field of trucks.It can also be said that this is the strength of Made in China.Although Korea used to import trucks from Russia, it is now self-sufficient and does not need to import trucks and related parts from other countries.At the same time, I advise you not to blindly believe that Russian trucks are ahead of China, which is completely the result of blind advocacy by the outside world.After all, China’s heavy truck has long been ahead of Russia, and even tires account for 23% of the Russian market. Can we still say that China’s heavy truck lags behind Russia?So don’t be deceived, Russia is ahead of China in heavy trucks, belongs to the “history”.With China’s technology and industry behind it, it won’t be hard to overtake Russia.This is not, of course, meant to belittle Russia, nor to discredit its industrial prowess.Just belong to seek truth from facts, line is line, no is no, Russia’s industrial development is really behind China.This is already an indisputable fact, otherwise why import a large number of Chinese cars?And the cars made in Our country are also loved by the Russian people.Apart from the relationship between the two countries, the most important thing is the Russian aesthetic, and the quality is very reliable.(By Hua Qiang)