Ghost valley business law: Qingyan Taoist no word tianshu mystery, the master will be full of money

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This article is rumored to be guiguzi master Qingyan Taoist left no word tianshu business secrets, the first legend guiguzi, and then passed by Guiguzi ji Ran.The plan is Wen Zi, Fan Li’s teacher.During the period of yue, Ji Ran was in charge of economy, while Fan Li was in charge of military affairs. They spent seven years assisting Gou Jian, the king of Yue, to defeat Fu Chai of Wu and complete his reign.Fan Li retired, hidden in the river’s lake, amassed countless wealth, become a generation of business sage.After the history of a number of wise inheritance and carry forward, eventually become wisdom, secret folk.Can skillfully use, will be full of money.In the world of learning, success or failure cannot be divided into two categories: tao and shu.Road is a river, art is a boat;The way is the rudder, the art is the oar.No boat can cross the river without a boat.Without rudder there is no direction, without OARS there is no power.Therefore, tao is the direction and shu is the method;Tao is the law, art is the means.Resourceful men have military strategies.Strategy, to defend the country, to use strange troops, plan first and then fight.Small into the art, into the law, into the road.The full text has 13 chapters, including business finance, business planning, business situation, business form, business opportunities, business market, knowing people, borrowing, Yin control, long, chaos control, the original good and sincerity;From the road · method · art · device · field · potential · soul and other aspects, the system of business interpretation of the essence of money, this article recorded the first half to show readers, benevolence, wisdom.First, the business of the Yin and Yang heaven and earth, the mysterious.Wealth is born in the ground, should be the way of heaven, more vast, plan to people.Life in the world, not money without body.Production governance is constant, no business why hongli.Money is the source of life, people can not have, and can not operate, it is easy to nibble, must be put into business, ordinary can profit, for the capital policy.The tao between heaven and earth is changeable.Only know that wealth from the earth, in accordance with the law of the way of heaven, tends to be rich, broad, broad places.It is through these features that people have schemes to make money.Life on earth, without property can not get survival and development.The operation of property follows inherent rules, it itself will not automatically increase in value, do not do business will not gain profits.Property is the source of nourishing life, is the foundation of existence, people can not do without property.However, if we do not manage them properly, they will be consumed little by little like silkworms eating mulberry leaves.Therefore, it is necessary to use property to engage in commercial activities in order to gain profits, so that property can grow like life, which is the basis for everyone to settle down and start a career.Money drowning in love, righteousness take hope.Profit is the result of many disputes, and greed is the result.Money goes by barbary tapir, known even to babies.Love is more competition for strong, to have lost morality, forget the shame of humiliation, willingly without humiliation.It is a rare person in the world who knows righteousness and righteousness and does not indulge in greed.There are few people in the world who can make money from a moral standpoint by indulging in the common love of the world.Profits are made in the scramble of the masses, and those who are greedy for money are everywhere.Money can go anywhere, even in the remote north and south where minorities live, as even babies know.It is because of the fanatical love of money, so people have to chase after money, plunder, so that some people abandon their own standards, moral bankruptcy, forget shame, even insulted by others, but also willing to, no regrets.Therefore, it can be seen that people who can deeply understand righteousness, keep their own order, meet the status quo, and do not have unreasonable thoughts, without greed, are rare in the world.Wealth comes from poverty.However, the product also, easy also, then also, to the desire.Wealth, yu also.No desire, no evil, human desire to hasten, nature.Everything in heaven and earth is easy.Only sentiment with abundant, weak constant.There are three sources of fortune in a man: youth to plan, middle age to plan, and prime years to plan.Wealth is the result of extreme poverty.After that, people created more goods for exchange, satisfying individual needs and increasing individual desires.Wealth is the product of society.It does not use desire and good and evil, just human needs, produced the evil side.Everything in the universe can be traded.Only emotions can’t. Emotions are rich, fragile and permanent.There are three stages of wealth opportunities in life. When you are young, you can gain wealth through thinking innovation; when you are middle-aged, you can accumulate wealth through networking and partnership; and when you are young, you can gain wealth through experience and technology.No one under heaven can be without wealth;Managing the wealth of the world, can not be without profit;To reap the benefits of the world, do not be dishonest.Profit without righteousness is like water without a source;The way of this benefit also, also the way of righteousness also.All living beings can not live without money and wealth;If you want to acquire the wealth of the world, you must earn profits by doing business.If you want to gain the interests of the world, you must abide by morality.If one acquires ill-gotten wealth, it is like water without root or source, which will always dry up.This is the road to wealth and the road to being a moral man.Second, those who want to make money have five things.Heaven, earth, man, god, ghost.The man who wants to be rich must first understand the five essentials.Heaven, for the wisdom of talent, doing business;Land, for the day after tomorrow, rely on good faith;People, reward benevolence, know the choice, the gentleman love material, take the dao;God, for cowardly strong, it is bold, dare to dare to do;Ghost, for the mind of the mood, trick lively, turn a hand into a cloud, what is done is done.Those who wish to be merchants observe five things.One is benevolence, two are places, three are times, four are people, and five are things.People who want to run a business need insight into five things.One is benevolence, benevolence and center;The second is the choice of land, near and far rich and poor;Three is to comply with the weather, Yin and Yang, cold and heat, the four seasons of the sun and the moon;Fourth, view people, love, desire, principle and law;The fifth is to distinguish things, real, virtual, cheap, expensive.Strange, seek also.With positive sum, with strange victory.Move and view, static and disturbing, view the overall situation, to win.Strange, speed is also.Only the weak, stupid, false can not.The man who is good at using wonders is the man who plans before he moves.They put the most ordinary things into the market competition, and then use a unique way to catch people, so that he won.They are the ones who can master the big picture and win with skill.Good at using strange people, with speed to win.Those who are timid, greedy, and wrongful cannot use it.With benevolence and, widely gather righteousness, get talent, product daughter.Benevolence, the king.Kernel and median.With benevolence and the way of heaven, the accumulation of the king’s mind, the world’s talent to help the accumulation of wealth.A good man, a king.In benevolence, harmony, integrity, expression.The third, the business situation chapter where the governing of business as governing the heart, benevolence and justice is also.Business is like heart, the situation is also.A saturated market can be shaped by demand and supply.The use of business, such as kneading clay to become Buddha, the main and guest are also.Business, like winning hearts, is run by virtue of virtue.The essence of business competition is to win people’s hearts. Only in this way can we conform to the trend of development.Oversaturated market, will inevitably affect buyers and sellers from the form, at this time you need to have the ability to win.The function of commerce, like shaping a lump of clay into a Statue of Buddha, is divided into subject and object.All merchants are governed by right, by strange changes, and by machines.Therefore good surprise, such as gas and water of the shape of the movement of the mountain.Extreme and reverse, human nature is also.Bitter and regret, life is also.Go round and round, time is also.As time goes by, so does heaven and earth.The core of business is to be able to meet the needs of the public, to be able to beat the odds, and to be good at spotting and seizing opportunities.The master of surprise, like water, can change into a variety of forms, like mountains and rivers between static and dynamic.Poverty leads to change. This is the nature of human nature.Only by the painful torture will reflect on the past mistakes, this is the human heart subtle.A wave dissipates and a wave rises again and again. This is the characteristic of The Times.Change in the unchanging, movement in the changing, only change invariable, this is the nature of heaven and earth.Business potential, but strange, strange changes, mutual elimination and long.Strange positive ebb and flow, such as long in invisible, disappear in tangible.Change, can not overcome the poor.Business management lies in the grasp of the big trend, to grasp the development of business, is to understand the change and dialectical.Qizheng offensive and defensive changes, this and other, promote each other.Strange positive change, just like the mutual transformation between tangible and intangible, intangible wins tangible, tangible is intangible.Formless gives birth to formless, formless becomes formless, alternating between being and being, endless also.The general trend of ambition, as for the name, potential also.The promotion of sales, as for the competition, section also.It is therefore good business, its momentum, its orderly.Majestic as a pound, hilly as water.The aspiration of the masses, once the development of adult pursuit of the situation, represents the trend of development.Goods marketing, once the phenomenon of competing to buy, this is the key link.Therefore, the masters who are good at business can follow the trend of development, abide by its way, and grasp the core key.In this way, the development of business can achieve vigorous upward, interlocking, layer upon layer of progress.The sound is colored and messy, but the order should not be messy.Win, lose, gain, and the body can not be defeated.Is therefore, the situation has its origin, solid can also hasten.On the surface of the lively, arousing people’s eyes and ears, seemingly camp chaos, and behind the pace of business can not chaos.On the surface, the ups and downs of victory and defeat seem normal, but the external state can not collapse.This is because morphological forces have their original roots, and only by strengthening their roots can they follow the trend and keep up with the development of the trend.Benefit is born in benefit, meaning is born in mind, survival is needed.Interests, righteousness also.Intention, potential also.Demand, form also.So good moving people, shape, people need.Give and you will be happy.Give favors to those who need them.Therefore, good business, the benefit of the potential, not contrary to the heart, so can choose the heart and drive the potential.Profit can be taken because it is beneficial to others, a person’s intention and opinions come from a person’s heart, and the emergence of people’s ideas is due to the generation of people’s needs.Therefore, in order to gain benefits, we must do good to others.People’s inner thoughts, in fact, represent the tendency and orientation of behavior, this is the potential.The ostensible need, in fact, is just a form.Therefore, the key to affect a person’s behavior is to meet the other side in form first, so that the other side must have needs.Give them what they need and they will be happy and receptive.Touch each other with benefits, lure each other with benefits.Therefore, business masters all know how to cater to the inner thoughts of others and satisfy each other with benefits and interests, so as to fundamentally influence others.Let the situation, benevolence also, such as everyone concentric.The nature of the human heart is to escape from peace, fear, greed, abandon, waste, anger, hate, pity, love and hate.Therefore, the power of good benevolence is like that of water driving into pictographic changes.The person who can grasp the trend is usually the person who can put himself in the other person’s position, which is like thinking of others.Behind the human heart is human desire, behind human desire is human nature, human nature is shown in: safety is slack, danger is afraid, happy is greedy, habit is loathing, love is more love, angry is disgusted, encountered misfortune is pity, encountered love is to have, encountered hate is to eliminate.Therefore, to be able to grasp the trend of benevolence is like guiding the flow of water with a pipe or channel.The potential of victory and defeat has its sign, the love of the heart first, after seeing the spirit of the Lord, it should be in people.I wait for the city to change in and out of advance and retreat, observe the movement of qi Zhi, alley words demon xiang, set of the tell.Every industry yue choose, the world happy, respect its duty;Xi to tao, chung to city, smell to interest, this forced also.The development trend of victory and defeat also has its own characteristics. First of all, we should see its internal joy orientation, and then observe its mental state. The key to victory and defeat actually lies in people themselves.By looking inward, observing outward changes in behavior, listening to the comments of the public, and combining these factors, you can quickly form judgments and conclusions.When every business is in its own place, the masses are in peace, each in his own place, in order, in prosperity, in the market, and so on, it is a sign of strong and prosperous development.Hundreds of startled industry, the city is not neat;Fear to goods, legend to adverse;Fear of the ear, more than confused speech, the mouth of the flow;Resentment of the poor, to attack the rich, this weak sign also.Baiye Qi new, goods to solid, products through the flow, and the benefit of the beginning of the tide;Hundreds of work without cause, public place, ballads and music to spread, words to sing the meaning of the group.This gets the help of the gods, the great sheng zheng also.Rich and poor from care, goods chaos and rapid change;In contention for wind turbulence confusion;100 work worry, the heart must not belong to;Industry panic rush, abuse price discount;Ballads of the sound hidden to worry abandoned, words of the text drunk to today.The battle of the rout.[to be continued, the fourth, business form; fifth, opportunity article; sixth, commercial paper; seventh, when one piece; the eighth, with lend article; the ninth, sinking article; the tenth, pay the long article; the eleventh, other articles; the twelfth, the original good article; 13, sincerity article] welcome to share forwarding, add attention for more content, follow lots trade continues to fix for, open smartfortune journey together!