Liuchao Zha: Building trusted connections is about giving everyone a fair view of the world

2022-05-17 0 By

As a leading business query platform in China, The “company, boss, relationship” of Tianyan has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and has made many achievements in the field of big data.In July last year, He attended the KDD Pre-Conference in Chengdu, China, where he explained some of his ideas and goals in the development process.In his keynote speech “Owned by the Public, by the Public and for the public”, Dr. Liu Chao said that the charm of big data lies in connectivity.For a broad spectrum platform, the point is to establish trusted connections.Data, as an important factor of production, is just beginning to drive market economy.”I believe in the power of technology,” he said. “We use technology to completely aggregate public data so that everyone can see facts that were previously invisible. That’s the power of technology.So our mission is to give everyone a fair view of the world.”Eye check insist on open data, with big data, artificial intelligence, such as block chain technology as the means, to build the Chinese business world the number of twins, and serve the Chinese 300 million users, promote the general public awareness of credit value, reduce the business transaction costs due to information asymmetry, Dr LiuChao won the award of KDD China technology transformation.This is the first time he has won an international award in the field of data science and data mining since he won the KDD Entrepreneurship Research Award in 2019.Meanwhile, Visualize is building its own credible commercial metasemes.”Our goal is to build trusted connections,” said Dr Zha Liuchao of Visualize.When we collect public data, we use blockchain technology, stamp the time and record it in the “Tianye chain”, which can be traced back and cannot be tampered with, which makes the data reliable.We can also do cross-chain transactions.”According to the first Chinese Business Inquiry Development Report 2021 released by IResearch, The penetration rate of Tianyan users is over 60%, ranking firmly in the first echelon of the industry, and becoming the first choice for ordinary users, enterprises and governments to improve decision-making certainty and risk avoidance and efficiency.Not only in daily life, tianyan has become a high-frequency pit protection and lightning protection tool in job hunting, love, medical beauty and other scenes;Organizations and enterprises use It for risk management and business opportunity discovery;Also assisted Shenzhen Longgang Public Security department to focus on risks and hidden dangers in the financial field.At the conference, Dr. Liu Chao also announced the launch of the Open platform for public research data of Tianyancha, which is open to universities and research institutions for free. This is also a demonstration of tianyancha’s consistent concept of openness and cooperation.Tianyancha has always been actively giving back to the academic community, hoping to work with more professional academic researchers to overlay multi-dimensional innovation results under different application scenarios with massive underlying data, so as to jointly serve the development of real economy and promote social progress.(Disclaimer: the content of this article is published or reproduced by this website, which only represents the author’s personal views and has nothing to do with this website.For readers’ reference only, and please verify the relevant content.)