Missing, respectively from the moment began

2022-05-17 0 By

You said we’d get a cupcake to celebrate our meeting.Imperceptibly, love has been more than a year, that love, but not at any time light dispersed.Miss, from the moment of separation, gradually rich, let me can not help but go to see you.I remember the first time I went to climb a mountain. I refused to listen to your advice and ended up stuck on a very steep cliff.You come from the slow side, the steep cliff, you are, like treading on the ground.You dig the hole, climb up first to see if the knot is strong, then turn around and guide me up.At that moment, the heart is so practical, in addition to your worship, but also brought, deep gratitude.You always coax me happy, lest I think of again, the sad past.Most of the time, we are more like a bosom friend, you understand my lonely, I understand, you are not easy.We in the world of mortals, lean against each other, swear to love for a lifetime.Drifting for half a life, just meet you, this rare fate, how CAN I, not to cherish.I love you, spare no effort, you protect me, domineering and spoil.Think of miss read all of you, dream dream, are also you!