The Federation of Trade Unions in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, launched a public interest legal action to serve migrant workers

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Source: zhonggong zhonggong webex net According to the number of xuzhou city federation of trade unions WeChat public news, February 14, xuzhou city, jiangsu province federation of trade unions, hand in hand with people club bureau, justice bureau, traffic transport to TieSiJu xuzhou branch to carry out the “law to obey the law Dream hand in hand “the legal action and migrant workers serving the 16th” cycle of migrant workers “activity.Activities in xuzhou city federation of trade unions law books to give migrant workers on behalf of the 1000 volumes, provide a solid legal guarantee for peasant worker to defend rights and interests, and through the franco-prussian contest of knowledge, guess lantern riddles, highlight the “civil code”, “labor law”, “labor contract law”, “labor law”, “byelaw of inductrial injury insurance relating to the protection of the rights and interests of workers, such as laws and regulations,We will make rural migrant workers more conscious and active in studying and respecting the law.Three aid lawyers answered questions for migrant workers on the spot and “checked the pulse of the bill”.This activity takes “send law, send service, send warmth” as the main line, effectively creates a platform for migrant workers to respect law, abide by law, improve the quality of the rule of law, and further improve the awareness of the rule of law of migrant workers.(Sun Zhiting) Responsible Editor: Yao Yimeng