The Weicheng District Federation of Trade Unions carried out the activity of “Volunteer Service with warm Heart” to comfort workers in new forms of employment

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To fully give play to the role of trade union organizations, guide the whole society pay close attention to care new workers, employment form, form the legal rights and interests of labourers to maintain the new employment in the Lantern Festival approaching, the morning of February 13, weifang diesel city federation of trade unions in weifang transfar logistics port “volunteer service by the warm heart” visiting new workers employment form.Nearly 50 volunteers, truck drivers and logistics staff of Chuanhua Port participated in the activity.In recent years, workers in new employment forms have become an important part of the labor force in the new era. Weicheng District Federation of Trade Unions attaches great importance to the care and care of this group. It has established 15 trade unions in new employment forms and absorbed 627 members.In the main roads of the city, 28 outdoor workers service stations have been built, and more than 2,000 employees have benefited from the service activities such as “online cooling”.In the next step, THE Weicheng Federation of Trade Unions will improve its political position and strengthen its ideological and political leadership.Adhere to the education of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to guide workers in new forms of employment, enhance ideological identity, emotional identity;We should pay attention to care for each other, and urge everyone to unswervingly listen to and follow the Party.Strengthen classification guidance.We will explore ways to adapt to the characteristics of different professions and attract new workers to join in various ways.Adopt a combination of online and offline ways, so that everyone can quickly join the club through multiple channels.Increase security efforts, continue to provide warm services.We will strengthen the construction of workers’ homes and the integration of meetings, stations and homes, promote the construction of service positions such as drivers’ homes, and standardize the work of outdoor labor service stations for trade unions.We will build an “Internet Plus” service system to provide more timely and accurate services to workers in new forms of employment.Guess lantern riddles -END- this edition of the editor: a mountain focus on weicheng service people’s livelihood wonderful information authority release submission email: