To build a national famous capital of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine

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Our reporter Xiao-xia yu on February 17, the reporter understands from the development of Chinese medicine, this year the city will create “the names of traditional Chinese medicine” this goal, a positive implementation of traditional Chinese medicine industry “six shape” action (a “generic”, plastic “known”, “famous” building, education do “famous” exhibition “ai”,, “and” city “).By improving the basic capacity of the traditional Chinese medicine industry and the level of the industrial chain of traditional Chinese medicine products, the traditional Chinese medicine industry will be built as the city’s characteristic pillar industry, the construction of Nanyang into the national Chinese medicine planting base, Chinese medicine production and processing and warehousing logistics base, zhongjing prescriptions key RESEARCH and development base and the national health and wellness city.Kind of “famous medicine”, to create high-quality genuine medicinal materials planting base.This year, the Municipal Development Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine will, in accordance with the requirements of “Work Plan of TCM Quality Assurance Project of 2022 in Henan Province”, select the large quantity of commonly used medicinal materials and genuine medicinal materials varieties in our city, promote the construction of a batch of “Chinese medicinal materials improved varieties breeding base”, “genuine medicinal materials ecological planting base”, “customized pharmaceutical garden”, and create a characteristic Brand of Taoist Wan Medicine.Model “famous enterprise”, build the national zhongjing jingfang modern Traditional Chinese medicine production base.The “Three products Strategy” of TCM enterprises (increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands) and the “four Major transformation” of key enterprises (green transformation, intelligent transformation, technological transformation and joint-stock transformation) have been implemented.Support zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Henan Fusen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to build modern TCM intelligent manufacturing system and actively develop intelligent TCM equipment manufacturing;Support Zhongjing Baixin, Henan Zhiyuantang and other traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces enterprises to establish high-quality, high-level modern production base of Traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, promote the “Zhongjing Prescription” special decoction pieces into the scope of protection;Support wandong Pharmaceutical, Neixiang Quanyu, Henan Lixin and other TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine enterprises in the research and development of new drugs and the secondary development of major TCM varieties.Accelerate the implementation Plan of Cultivation of Artemisia argyi Leading Enterprises in Nanyang City, cultivate a group of artemisia argyi leading enterprises, play the leading role, build the brand of “Nanyang Artemisia Argyi”, and create “world Artemisia argyi town”.Build a “famous garden” to create a modern Chinese medicine industry highland.This year, it will continue to promote the construction of Traditional Chinese medicine industrial park, accelerate the construction of modern Traditional Chinese medicine Industrial Park in High-tech Zone, Modern Traditional Chinese medicine Agricultural Industrial Park in Xixia, modern Traditional Chinese medicine Industrial Park in Nanzhao County and Yu Danshen Industrial Park in Fangcheng County of 100,000 mu.Continue to follow up the wolong PuShanYi grass industrial park, wolong district, industrial park, tongbai tsao tsao modern agriculture industrial park such as wormwood industrial park, hi-tech zone ZhongYuanYi city professional market and eastern traditional Chinese medicinal materials of logistics trading base, YuXiNa (NaXiang) traditional Chinese medicine logistics base and so on two modern traditional Chinese medicine logistics warehousing base project construction,Create Xiezhuang Traditional Chinese Medicine health care town, Wancheng District Red Niwan Mugwort strong town.Cultivate “famous ai”, create the world ai township.This year, the city will further consolidate the foundation of “Nanyang Ai” regional brand, guide the Nanyang Ai Industry Association to improve the management of mugwort honest enterprise alliance, standardize the use of “Nanyang AI” regional public brand;Improve the planting and production of moxa grass and other technical regulations and standards of the whole industry chain, guide the completion of nanyang Moxa Moxa Grade Classification, Social Moxibustion Hall construction and other local standards declaration;We will speed up the regulation of access system for Artemisia argyi products, and guide artemisia argyi enterprises to apply for drug production license and second-class medical device registration and production license.Holding “famous exhibitions” to build a national convention and exhibition base of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine.Zhongjing international exhibition center planning and construction, the positive development of traditional Chinese medicine “exhibition economy”, the introduction of China international health industry exposition, the national drug trade fair, boao Asia BBS BBS and other well-known domestic exhibition of traditional Chinese medicine health, nanyang as main or rotating the venue, promote nanyang industrial development of traditional Chinese medicine, to make nanyang national Chinese medicine health convention and exhibition center.This year, our city will prepare to hold the fifth China Artemisia argyi Industry Development Conference, and guide counties (cities) to carry out a series of publicity and promotion activities of Artemisia argyi.Organize traditional Chinese medicine enterprises and Artemisia argyi enterprises to participate in large-scale domestic pharmaceutical exhibition and sales activities, and promote the brand construction of “Wan Medicine” and “Nanyang Ai” by taking advantage of well-known large-scale exchange platform of health industry at home and abroad, enhance brand awareness and value, and make traditional Chinese medicine exhibition economy a new engine to promote the development of Traditional Chinese medicine industry in Nanyang.To create a “famous city” and build a national health and wellness capital.Relying on the tourism resources of Laojie Mountain, Danjiang Danguan Park and Baotianman, we will cultivate new forms of “TCM +” health industry, develop TCM + health tourism, health care for the elderly, combination of medical care and healthy food, and create a national TCM health tourism demonstration area.It will promote “TCM + culture, tourism and health care”, develop tourism routes with TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine characteristics, build cultural, tourism, health and health care parks integrating TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine characteristics, health care services and health care for the elderly, and promote the establishment of national and provincial TCM health tourism demonstration bases;To cultivate creative products and cultural products of traditional Chinese medicine culture and popular science, and gradually form a cultural name card of traditional Chinese medicine industry with zhongjing characteristics and the advantages of “two mountains and two sources”.Editor: Qi Jie First instance: Li Ping Final instance: Bai Banxue