Top flow stars “Bing Dun Dun” and “Snow Rong Rong” appear in Zhangqiu found the reason

2022-05-17 0 By

As the mascots of the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, Bing Dun Dun and Xue Rong-rong became the “top flow” overnight, and even appeared the situation of “a trick is difficult to find”. Xiaobian wants to tell you that we also have bing Dun dun and Xue Rong-rong in Mingshui Street, Lv Jia Village…Reported in July 2021 by the 2022 Beijing Olympics official cooperation manufacturer Qingdao beer regional dealers to carry out business activities are placed here with snow and ice mound mound taking the popular across the country on we both mascot also “save” were found out from the old village head moved to the village now jinan chapter grave before we CunDangWei maike director of the village committee secretary, in an interview”I didn’t know at first (Bing Dwen dwen) when I found out,I said no for the first time to rescue the network red card to the purpose is to let the masses feel the increasingly powerful motherland for the Olympic athletes cheering “some netizens also in the way of handling came across Ice Dun Dun ~ back of the ice dun dun in the rear view mirror due to the ice dun dun shape is too” huge “forklift can even open backwards, of course,The staff did not forget bing Dwen Dwen’s friend Xue Rong Rong also moved him away for protection!(though some netizens the TA as a big lantern) on February 6, ice mound mound and snow in the evening let melts were transferred to the door of the village committee facilitate everybody better to visit, photo also properly with enclosures to protect the clock in recent days to take pictures came in an endless stream “night traffic jam” Wang Shuji also expressed the hope that the ice mound mound and snow melting of propaganda hold LvJia Village 123 industryHave been further developed now The Village has become another famous zhangqiu net friends have come here to punch the card take photos you tomorrow don’t you want to go to see Bing Dun Dun and Snow Rong Rong