New vacation after winter vacation?Renmin University has set an example. Can primary and secondary students share the glory?

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If the holiday is left to the teacher to heal, that students should have much heartache, because few students can be carefree in the holiday, but fortunately, after the introduction of the double reduction policy, students’ holiday life is much easier.Vacation is what many graduates miss most when they look back on their Alma mater, and what many students are looking forward to most.In fact, primary and secondary school students can enjoy each semester of the holiday or more, but who will abandon the holiday?As the winter vacation draws to a close, many parents are joking that their children are rushing to work on “unfinished buildings”, while congratulating themselves that the holiday ended in a happy ending.Teachers, on the other hand, are already worrying about management after school starts.It has to be said that the opening season is the most critical period of the battle of wits between teachers and students, students from the inside out to exclude school, and teachers are to make every effort to make students love school.However, there will be a new holiday after the spring school of 2022. Will that affect the battle of wits and courage among teachers?New vacation after winter vacation?Renmin University has set a good example of whether primary and secondary school students can take advantage of the new holiday, also known as spring and Autumn holidays, which refers to the week-long holidays in spring and autumn.Renmin University has set an example, with many colleges offering students this holiday when the pandemic allows.Will there really be a new holiday after winter vacation?The students who heard this news are naturally looking forward to it, regardless of whether there is homework in the holiday, as long as it can be easier than in school, even if it is good.But the parents thought about it more and were a little worried.Primary school parents are most worried about the students do not have a holiday parents, the student’s personal safety and daily diet has become a big problem.Parents of junior high school students worry that more holidays will affect students’ preparation for the college entrance exam, since time is more precious than money.Parents of high school students are not too worried, because the double reduction has not reached high school students, the probability of not having a holiday is higher, even if the holiday high school students can also go to after-school care classes or tutoring institutions.But can primary and middle school students follow the glory?The Ministry of Education has responded, and the students are overjoyed.Schools are allowed to give students spring and autumn holidays as long as they can fulfill their teaching tasks, the statement said.Of course, the students here are from all over the world.So what can you do with your spring and autumn vacation?Judging from the use of vacations in Renmin University, the official hope is that students can relieve the pressure of study, get closer to nature, broaden their horizons and improve their horizon. Is this really possible?The new holiday has a certain significance, but for primary and middle school students, there are also some disadvantages, the author believes that the new holiday has an important significance, after all, read thousands of books travel thousands of miles, if students can only sit in the classroom, can not see the outside world, it is difficult to have lofty ambitions.However, for primary and middle school students, the new holiday also has some disadvantages.To take a simple example, will the new holiday be consistent across the province?I am afraid that some schools will use the new holiday to make up lessons for their students. How can other parents trust their children to take sightseeing trips when the academic situation is so serious?In addition, parents’ time and economic situation will become the constraints of “traveling thousands of miles”. In the end, not many students can really go out, but can stay at home playing games, reading novels, watching TV series accounted for a larger proportion of students.Well, that would be good doing bad.Another important reason is that the excitement before and after the end of the holiday can affect the learning state, and teachers have to spend much more energy, but not always perfect results.Therefore, the author thinks that primary and middle school students do not need this holiday very much, because they cannot make full use of the conditions of this holiday.Even if they don’t have this holiday, primary and middle school students can broaden their horizon in these ways. First of all, make good use of the time in winter and summer vacation.There is nothing better for students to broaden their horizons than summer and winter vacations, which are long and avoid the crowds.It is suggested that parents take their children to travel about 2 times a year, mostly to famous mountains and rivers and places of historic interest.Secondly, take students to watch classic movies or concerts on a regular basis.Let the child not only can relieve the learning pressure, relax the nervous mood, but also can understand more cultural traditions, edify aesthetic appreciation and sentiment.If the field does not allow it, you can read books instead.My message: if your school added this holiday, I hope students and parents can effectively use, give full play to the advantages of the holiday.But those of you who don’t have a holiday don’t need to be sad, because what you really need is not a holiday, but how to reduce the stress of exams. Trust your school and your parents elsewhere to help you both relieve the stress and broaden your horizons.Do you think students should have new holidays?If you want to know more exciting content, please come to pay attention to Xiao Ying appreciation