Qiqihar: “Looking back” prevents resurgence

2022-05-18 0 By

“Road pollution and garbage storage location is not reasonable and other problems we enterprises must be set up to check and change”, Qi City ecological and environmental protection comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau law enforcement personnel to the enterprise responsible for the rectification requirements.Waste plastics processing enterprises are typical “scattered and polluted” enterprises, which has always been a difficult point in environmental supervision.In order to effectively prevent the environmental pollution risk of key supervision enterprises.Recently, Qi City ecological and environmental protection comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau radiation solid waste law enforcement division of law enforcement officers into the north three areas of the two recycling materials recycling enterprises to “look back” on-site inspection.In the inspection, law enforcement personnel for sewage permits, garbage sorting area, production lines and other content of the enterprise site inspection.The inspection found that the production process and sewage treatment of the two companies met the environmental assessment standards, but there were problems such as oil pollution on the road and improper storage of garbage.Enterprise personnel said: “for the inspection out of the problem, immediately actively rectification, before only production, did not take into account the impact on the environment, under the help and supervision of law enforcement personnel, environmental protection subject responsibility consciousness, standardized management consciousness and consciously law-abiding consciousness are enhanced.”It is understood that “messy” enterprise has always been the difficulty of environmental monitoring work stolbtsy ecological environment protection comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau will continue to strengthen law enforcement and keep high pressure situation, in view of the parameter within the enterprises to establish a system for “one enterprise with a” management, carding renovation work related files and image data archive, be documented,To fully ensure that the closure of enterprises in accordance with the law to achieve the “two, three clear” rectification of standardized enterprises in place, to prevent resurgence, with practical actions to protect the city’s clear water and blue sky.Jianqi Reporter | Sun Yang Jianqi Editor | Chen Li