Sichuan politics and law excellent news works exhibition broadcast, Lizhou public security six works shortlisted!Give it a thumbs up!

2022-05-18 0 By

The exhibition of “2021 Provincial Excellent News Works of Politics and Law” officially opens today. Time: 10:00 On April 7th to 18:00 on April 14th, Lizhou District Branch of Guangyuan Public Security Bureau will present 4 works to participate in the exhibition and broadcast your praise, which is very important!Lizhou Public Security Exhibition 4 works and no. 22 photographic works, No. 25 TV works, No. 60 media fusion1 and thumb up way, 62 yards on WeChat public “voice” of political science and law in sichuan no. 2 in the bottom of the dialog box to find “good news” click to enter show thumb up page 3 into the thumb up select products category input number to thumb up (tip: you can first option works, and then click on the “thumb up” button at the bottom of the page) thumb up way:Each person can click “like” once a day, and can choose from all categories of works, with a minimum of 5 works and a maximum of 10 works each time.What are you waiting for?Go ahead and like it!Be loyal to the Party and serve the people