Haoyue point gold: non-agricultural data to attack, gold and silver shocks or will end, where the market opportunity?

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Today April Fool’s Day, remember the past every April Fool’s Day, do what have to be careful, others say every word and do everything have to think about it, or the next step is a big pit, but now no longer have this feeling, only silently moving bricks, no surprise and no shock.Information article: non-agricultural data hits, last month’s non-farm bearish data to digest the geopolitical situation, current geopolitical detente, focus on non-agricultural data can steal back to home, a lot of friends are looking forward to the impact on the market data, data is only the trend inside of a dose of flavoring, focus on non-agricultural data can give the chance to live.Gold technical side: spot gold has recently been running in the middle of the bolin belt between the tracks, belongs to the weak market, the next day the highest impact of $1949.8, the lowest back to step on $1919.4, the day line closed a small Yang line on the shadow line, continued to wash the market shock.Attention to volatile market range, on alternate days of high and low points, or would be important to the days of resistance and support, breakdown or conveniently, there will be a day online rail suppression in the forest in the $1952.5, rail support at $1882, under the recent big range can first concern, date line MACD with continuous sideways shock, down potential energy is also gradually in digestion,Non-farm data in the evening focused on whether the breakdown of $1920, the breakdown of this line or will continue to drive the volume of amplification.There is no need to repeat the small cycle, the shock market small cycle is fast twist into a twist, but the shock market is to prepare for the next wave, resistance $1949.5 – $1952.5, support $1920-1908.Commodity thread is still outstanding, rising trend is good, short-term trend prices or will continue, soda 2209 after the outbreak of the trend, now gradually close to the early strong resistance, pay attention to 3090 can bring a small callback market, manganese silicon is also two degrees of decline, in line with our expectations, waiting for the opening of the space.In the afternoon futures will be closed, there is no night trading, live talk will not repeat, we also want to control the risk, long holiday is still uncertain risk.Silver, paper silver technical side: spot silver the next day is again in line with the expected market, the highest $25.09, the lowest back to step on $24.58, the daily line closed the root of the shadow line of the small negative line, the overall rhythm is also in line with the weak shock of the rhythm.The current market resistance is gradually moving down, although the upper and lower support space is open, but the $24.55 support has not been effectively broken, with the extreme narrowing of the shock range, silver may appear a new range in the near future.The daily moving average is once again a dead cross running but the lower space is not open, the volume can not generate power, the presence of the off-farm in the evening, focus on trend resistance at $25.05 and range resistance at $25.15, support at $24.55 and $23.75.Shanghai silver in the recent rhythm or no words, but after 3 o ‘clock this afternoon will have to rest, paper silver words can pay attention to the night can give high opportunity, as for the price of paper silver, is also under the water, too lazy to convert, we pay attention to spot silver price in time, medium-term paper silver support 4.82 yuan.Real-time market circle updates.This article by haoyue point gold original, welcome to pay attention to exchange, take you with long knowledge.