“She’s as old as my baby!”The 56-year-old auxiliary officer dived into the water on his birthday

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At 10:00 am on April 3, 2022, the public security Bureau of Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County in Hainan Province received a report from the public that a woman was about to commit suicide by diving into a mountain resort in Wanling Town due to emotional problems.After receiving the police situation, the wan Ling police station on duty civilian auxiliary police immediately went to the scene for disposal.In the process of disposal, police officer Fu tried to communicate with the woman after asking about the situation to the scene personnel, trying to channel the woman’s mood, but the woman’s mood is still more excited, refused to give up the idea of suicide.After asking the authorities and obtaining the woman’s consent, Fu immediately arranged staff to contact the woman’s boyfriend to help carry out persuasion work.On the way to her boyfriend’s house, the woman had another seizure and jumped into the pond.Fang Ping, 56, an auxiliary police officer from Wanling Police Station of Qiongzhong County Public Security Bureau, saw the incident and instinctively followed the woman into the pond before he had time to think. He quickly swam to the woman and dragged her to the shore. With the concerted efforts of other police officers, the woman was rescued to shore.”I saw that this young woman, who was almost as old as my child, dived into the water and drowned. Her parents knew it would be hard for her to accept that she was so young. As a veteran and a police officer, I instinctively jumped into the water to save her.I think anyone would do something like that.”Afterwards, diving to save the old auxiliary police fang Ping said.After landing, the woman suffered a brief coma due to choking water, fang Ping and others assisted 120 emergency medical staff to send the woman to the hospital.At present, the woman due to timely rescue, has no serious.The reporter learned that April 3 is exactly the 56th birthday of fang Ping, an old auxiliary police officer.Source: Rule of Law Daily