The residents of this community have a guaranteed life during the lockdown of government distribution + community group purchase

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Xinmin evening news (correspondent Song Shanshan reporter Yuan Wei) floor leaders!Food, go downstairs to get food!With the last batch of vegetables distributed in Menghuyuan community, Liangcheng Xincun street, Hongkou District, each of the 761 households in the community has received a vegetable gift package issued by the government.Since The lockdown of Puxi, Hongkou District, the neighborhood and neighborhood committees have been working hard to ensure the basic living needs of residents.On the first day of lockdown, after receiving vegetables from the district government, the neighborhood committee took the lead in distributing them to low-income families, those who live alone and those who are elderly.Recently, the remaining 500 portions of vegetables have been delivered to ensure that every household can eat fresh vegetables during the lockdown.”When we get the dishes, we’re all set.”22 building leader Zhang Huaying said.It is understood that in order to ensure that residents have food to eat during the lockdown period, Menghu Yuan community in addition to the government distribution of vegetables, but also under the leadership of the neighborhood committee to set up a community group purchase group, the first group purchase of more than 200 sets of vegetables, fruit group, milk group, breakfast group is also in preparation.The person in charge of the community group purchase said that the community was established very early owners wechat group, for the community group purchase laid a foundation.Learned to extend the closure control of the news, we are more panic, owners in a variety of group purchase links flying, complex platform.However, in the gated community, it is easy to “buy”, but difficult to “send”. The arrival of group purchase items scattered, intensified the frequency of volunteers in and out of the community, bringing hidden dangers to the gated community management.To this end, The Dream lake garden neighborhood committee, industry committee together, specifically responsible for group purchase business, retain one or two group purchase channels, centralized order, unified delivery.All the outer packages of group purchase products are disinfected before delivery, and then they are distributed to the building group by volunteers in an orderly manner, and sent to each door by the building leader, so that the residents can get the group purchase products without going out of the house to the maximum extent.Mr. Liu, a resident of the community, said, “I didn’t expect to be able to eat milk and fruit during the lockdown period. I really want to thank the neighborhood Committee, industry committee and volunteers for their efforts. I’m really happy to live in such a warm community.”