To make Sui Xi’s “good voice” louder

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Recently, the second Suixi County “I am Suixi President” publicity and recommendation campaign has been in full swing.A total of 217 “grand masters” from 13 towns (parks) in Suixi County registered to participate in the competition.”I am Dazong” is a well-known brand activity in Suixi County, which is jointly carried out by suixi Media Center and other units.”‘ I am dazong ‘has created a good social atmosphere for removing old customs, eliminating bad habits, promoting science and promoting new trends, subtly changing people’s ideology, gradually freeing the masses from excessive human consumption and human burden, and truly transforming the’ civilization index ‘into the’ happiness index ‘of the masses.”Sui Xi County Party Committee publicity department chief told reporters.In October 2018, Suixi Rong Media Center was officially established.County adhere to the “media + integrated function” development orientation, focus on the masses demand, outstanding effect of the guidance, strengthen the ideological understanding “can do”, the top design “solution”, the elements of safeguard “powerful”, the big picture “efficient” service, the construction of “four media”, trying to make propaganda and ideological work in primary line firm and strong, let the voice of the party more open and more deeply and widely.The county issued the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Suixi County’s Suixi Media Center, establishing a construction framework of “three systems, six functions and twelve departments” to integrate media such as Taiwan, newspaper, Internet, micro media and screen.Suixi County regards the construction of county-level integration media center as an important starting point to do the party’s propaganda and ideological work well, and as an important task to comprehensively deepen the reform, it keeps pushing forward and doing solid work.Since its establishment, the Center has been adhering to the principle of innovation leading and talent giving priority, vigorously promoting resource integration, making overall use of the advantages of “newspaper, Taiwan, Internet, micro and terminal” platforms, and paying attention to the cultivation of all-media editorial teams with “one specialty and multiple capabilities”.Set up the structure of “1 county-level fusion media center +N grassroots sub-centers”, set up the fusion media sub-centers such as public security and health care, and form the communication matrix of “fusion media coordination, new media launch, and all media follow-up”.The county rong media center is guided by the needs of the masses and insists on news localization, program diversification and activity branding.In addition to inviting the “Grand Marshal” in front of the county to compete in front of the competition, the center has also opened columns in Front of “Rural Revitalization in Sui Xi” and “Rural World in Front of The World”. By organizing farmers’ harvest Festival, watermelon Culture Festival and chrysanthemum culture festival, the center has helped carry out live media activities in front of “Three farmers and Farmers” and launched anhui Sui Xi:More than 330 media articles vividly reflect the progress of rural revitalization, such as “Drunk” Beautiful Countryside and “Spring Immersion Double Dui Beautiful Picture”.In the second suixi · Juhui Sipu Chrysanthemum Festival in Xiang Yue, the online live broadcast by Xian Rong Media Center attracted 205,400 people, attracted more than 200,000 offline tourists to appreciate chrysanthemums in autumn, and drove the local sales of agricultural and sideline products to more than 5 million yuan.The center also closely “I does the practical work for the masses” practice, resources bureau to carry out online business with SuiXi County data fusion, in the client, SuiXi SuiXi news online through anhui tong business channels, to open up to run a “straight column, enlightened net ask zheng, handle affairs, political people interact online government service function, realize the online government services integration development.The central government upgraded the live program through Train to Government Affairs, and over 95 percent of all problems reported by the public were resolved.Faced with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, Suixi Rong Media Center took the lead in launching the online and offline interactive live show of “Helping farmers and Walking with Love” in northern Anhui, helping poor people sell 590,000 yuan of agricultural products.The center gives full play to the functions of integrated publicity platforms such as TV, Internet, “Two Micro end” and emergency broadcasting, and launches a series of holographic, visual and interactive media products such as “Rong Media Hosts Call You to Get Vaccinated together” and “Epidemic Prevention Propaganda MV”.Up to now, the center’s new media platform has attracted 322,500 fans, 26 live events have been viewed over 100,000 times, and several short videos have been played over 100 million times.Reporter from SuiXi learns the county party committee propaganda department, be included in the county financial media center and the practice of the new era of civilization construction of the national “double pilot”, the county will be “two centers” mechanism, the platform, the team, resources, such as depth fusion, effort to reconstruct the basic unit ideology propagation mode, build civilized practice positions 643, form a civilized practice more than 300 volunteer service,More than 8,000 volunteers have been recruited to form a three-level service network for civilized practice covering the whole county.The deeply integrated development of suixi County’s “two centers” was listed as one of the “top ten innovative examples of publicity work in the province”.(Reporter Ding Xianfei correspondent Li Ying)