We will do all we can to accelerate the development of the aerospace industry

2022-05-19 0 By

On April 5, zhuhai held a symposium on the development of aerospace advanced technology.Shenzhen Huameilong Internet of Things Technology Co., LTD., Tianjin Modern Industrial Zone Development and Construction Co., LTD., and Zhuzhou State Investment Group and other enterprises to conduct in-depth exchanges, on how to do zhuzhou aerospace industry, improve the extension of the industrial chain and put forward suggestions.Municipal Standing committee, executive vice mayor Wang Wei ‘an said that in recent years, zhuzhou aerospace industry rapid development, has begun to take shape.Since this year, Zhuzhou concentrated resources, integrated policies, to speed up the development of aerospace industry, high standard construction of Beidou Industrial park, accelerate chain extension, chain complement, strong chain, and the head of enterprises to carry out close exchanges and cooperation, the successful introduction of a number of high-quality projects.Zhuzhou welcomes more investors to come to Zhuzhou, understand Zhuzhou, zhuzhou hand in hand, with effective, large-scale business model, promote industrial development, to achieve win-win cooperation.Liang Ting Wang Youyuan copyright belongs to the original author, salute to the original