Byd January 2022 sales are fresh out

2022-05-20 0 By

BYD Company Limited just released an announcement today, the sales volume of the Company in January 2022 is just released. BYD sold 95,180 passenger cars, of which 92,926 new energy vehicles were sold, accounting for 98% of the sales volume in this month. The cumulative sales volume of BYD passenger cars increased by 126.1% year-on-year, while the sales volume of new energy vehicles increased by 367.6% year-on-year.The cumulative sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles has exceeded 1.6 million.The sales distribution of BYD models in January is as follows, among which, BYD Han Family sold 12,780 units, Tang family sold 9,060 units, Song family sold 22,449 units, Qin family sold 26,542 units, Yuan family sold 8,596 units, Dynasty series sold 79,427 units, E series sold 4,364 units, Dolphin sold 10,602 units and D1 sold 68 units.Other models sold 719, among which BYD Han, Song, Qin, Dolphin models continued to sell tens of thousands of monthly, with the help of super hybrid engine, BYD super fuel-saving DM-I model sold 46,540 units this month, again to help reduce dimension to subside fuel vehicles, help new energy vehicle sales growth, and this month EV model sales of 46,386 units,Byd EV models are equipped with blade batteries developed by BYD. The safer and more powerful blade batteries have promoted the better and faster development of China’s new energy vehicle industry. In Addition, BYD battery shipped 4.996GWh in January.This month in capacity and affect production capacity under the condition of xi ‘an outbreak, byd’s January sales also maintain in 95180, byd qin song two families remain at month sells more than 20000 units, and byd’s pin han continue month tens of thousands of luxury cars, Tang Jiazu also close to the rhythm of the pin of the month, the most bright eye is byd dolphin, this car also pin again month tens of thousands of,This sales once again proved the strength of BYD, it seems that more and more people choose BYD new energy vehicles as a favorite car.Cow resignation wins the age, tiger jump new course!Byd’s January sales have made a good start, and it is believed that with the increase of production capacity this year, BYD’s new energy vehicles will usher in a new outbreak.