China’s professional football clubs have announced a solution to unpaid wages

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, April 3 (reporter Zhao Jiantong, Gong Bing)Uefa to constitute 3, in the Chinese football association, called the Chinese super league, one, in the serie b club online meeting, after the Chinese football association issued a “CSL, one of the 2022 season, the second league work related notice, level 3 league club access list released 2022 season, at the same time release the club back pay solutions and related penalty.Xinhua reporters learned from the Chinese Football Association (CFA) that 18, 17 and 22 clubs have passed the accreditation of the Chinese Super League, Chinese League A and Chinese League B respectively for the 2022 season.China a Guizhou Football Club, China b Sichuan minzu football club did not get the new season access qualification.Guizhou Club does not meet the relevant regulations of afC access, that is, there is a situation of overdue international unpaid wages, so it did not get the league access qualification.Sichuan Minzu Club did not submit the admittance materials within the specified time, so it did not obtain the admittance qualification of the league.Jinan Xingzhou football club Co., LTD., Nantong Haimen Kejiyuan football Club Co., LTD., Tai ‘an day palace football club Co., LTD., Hainan Star professional football club Co., LTD., Wuhan Jiangcheng football club Co., LTD., which participated in the Chinese Champions League last season, obtained the new season second league access qualification.Then, the Cfa and THE PREPARATORY group of THE Chinese Football Association will confirm the actual situation of the above-mentioned clubs of the Chinese Super League, The Chinese League A and the Chinese League B, and finally decide the teams of all professional leagues.The focus of the 2022 pFA campaign is on unpaid wages at some clubs.In this regard, the Chinese Football Association took into account the interests of the players and the reality of the club, and issued a plan to solve the unpaid salary in batches.Not only resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of players, coaches and club staff, urge clubs to solve the problem of unpaid wages as soon as possible, but also take into account the actual operation situation of clubs and give clubs a certain time limit to solve the problem, so as to facilitate clubs to raise funds and improve business conditions, and promote reform with the help of local governments and social forces from all aspects.In accordance with the above spirit, some clubs with unpaid wages will also be conditionally granted access after submitting specific solutions for unpaid wages.At the same time, in order to ensure the interests of players, the Chinese Football Association has developed a solution to the problem of unpaid wages and related penalties for such clubs.The Chinese Football Association (CFA) has ordered clubs to refrain from new unpaid wages for the 2022 season.For the 2021 season and before, there are three time nodes: no less than 30% of the total amount should be settled before July 31, 2022;Not less than 70% of the total amount of unpaid wages should be settled by October 31, 2022;All unpaid wages shall be settled by December 31, 2022.At the above three time points, the relevant clubs must submit to the Chinese Football Association signed by all coaches, players and staff unpaid salary payment forms for the 2021 season.At the same time, the Chinese Football Association also clarified the corresponding punishment: first, the clubs that fail to repay at least 30% of the total amount of back wages for the 2021 season and the previous season before July 31, 2022 will be banned from registering new players in the second transfer window of the 2022 season and will be punished with 3 league points deducted.Second, the club that fails to repay at least 70% of the total amount of unpaid wages for the 2021 season and before October 31, 2022 will be penalized with 6 league points deducted.Third, the club that fails to settle all unpaid wages by December 31, 2022 will be punished by demotion or disqualification.For CSL clubs that cannot solve all the problems of unpaid wages before December 31, 2022, the clubs shall reach a settlement agreement with the unpaid employees, sign and confirm with each unpaid employee, and submit to THE Chinese Football Association for the record. The unpaid wages shall be solved in strict accordance with the time specified in the filing agreement.If the club fails to settle the unpaid salary according to the time specified in the filing agreement, the punishment shall be carried out in accordance with the above penalty.Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the economy, the development of investors’ main business and other factors, Professional football in China is in a cold winter.At present, it seems that the Chinese Football Association’s unpaid salary cleaning work tries to take into account the actual situation of clubs and the interests of players.Source: Xinhua