Fenyang: Guo Hongbo led a team to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work of catering units

2022-05-20 0 By

On February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, guo Hongbo, secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, led an inspection team to inspect the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work in some restaurants and restaurants in the city, in order to ensure the food safety of the people during the Spring Festival and to consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control in the city.Zhao Wujing, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, wu Shengqiang, a member of the municipal Party Group, supervised the inspection.In the people restaurant, Hengtai Hotel, Guo Hongbo carefully check customer information registration, business site disinfection disinfection records, and on-site inspection of dining customers health code, itinerary code.During the inspection, it was found that a staff member returning to Fen in Xi ‘an and his family members did not comply with relevant epidemic prevention regulations and went to the people’s restaurant for dinner before the home quarantine period had expired. The supervision group transferred him to the municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention for nucleic acid testing, and required him to continue home quarantine, and ordered the people’s restaurant to suspend business for rectification.In fenzhou Banquet, Wangpo Prawns, Zishu Hotpot Restaurant, Hualais, Chenjia Restaurant, Sun Erniang Hotpot Restaurant, Xinghua Town Micue Ice City and other places, the inspection team inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control mechanisms, disinfection management systems, cold chain food management and other epidemic prevention and control measures of operating units.The inspection found that Sun Erniang hotpot restaurant, Xinghua village Snow Ice City and Wallace to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of insufficient attention, there is not comprehensive information registration, prevention and control measures are not in place, ordered immediate suspension of rectification.Inspection requirements, the catering business units to further enhance the consciousness of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the customers into the store wearing masks, temperature measurement is registered, normalized prevention and control measures, such as three yards LianZha especially in high-risk areas return Fen personnel, to check the nucleic acid testing report, to determine the complete home quarantine rear can access the prescribed period;To comprehensively strengthen management place daily cleaning and disinfecting ventilation, strict food cold-chain food procurement process, in particular, to carry out the incoming inspection show me rope ticket system, ensure the source of food traceability, protect people’s life safety and health, ensure the security of the people in the city harmony, happy New Year.Fenyang Rong Media Center