How did the runner break his first 5k

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A 5K will not only give you the fun of running, but also the intensity of the cardio workout.After a period of training, most runners can easily run under half an hour.For many avid runners, five miles is just a warm-up distance.But for little white runners, every step of the five-kilometer journey has its own twists and turns.Today we are going to explain to the novice runners what should be paid attention to in the 5k race.What is a 5k run?Five kilometers is the distance that all healthy people can complete.This distance has different meanings for different runners: advanced runners use it as a training tool to speed up the marathon;Intermediate runners rarely practice this distance;For novice runners, 5k May be a small goal they need to break.Many runners are encouraged to start at the first 5k and walk the “road of no return” to the marathon or even the 100k.Six training principle 1. Runners at the beginning of each training intensity should be mainly to easily run the intensity of training, what is easy to run, to reach 65% to 79% of your maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate = 220 – age), say a bit more popular, while running can talk from time to time, but can’t always talk, if you find a partner to talk with you,It takes you a while to answer, and the intensity is too high, and you should slow down a bit more.By running with ease, you build a solid aerobic base for the body and build muscle strength over time, avoiding the risk of injury later in the race due to increased volume and intensity.2. On the basis of easy running, once or twice a week should be arranged for faster training than easy running (80% to 88% of the maximum heart rate) or more intense anti-lactic acid running (89% to 92% of the maximum heart rate), so as to comprehensively improve endurance quality and enhance the body’s anti-lactic acid ability. Of course, when running faster than easy running,You can run for less time.3. In terms of training time, the running time can be controlled at about 30 minutes at the beginning of training, and then gradually extend the training time in weekly training. After 4-6 weeks of training, it is a reasonable range to control the training time between 30 and 70 minutes each time.4. For the first runner, running times about 3-4 times per week, 1-2 times a week running hard accumulation effect, but also not recommended for more than 6 times, runs the next day we advocate a kind of way, such both neither can fatigue, also have enough time to repair and restore body, of course, this does not mean cannot run every day, the more relative amount ran, the greater the health benefits,But beware of pain.5. Each easy running training can be interspersed with about 6 times of fast running, the time of each fast running should be controlled at about 15 seconds, rest for 1 minute, repeat 6 times, so as to improve the heart and lung without bringing too much pressure to the heart and lung.6. Build up your mileage gradually, with no more than 10% of your weekly run.8 weeks running scheme for new runners, considering even mastered the training principle, beginners hardly work out a plan for the training system, the running man set eight weeks of endurance training program for beginners, purpose is to let the beginners can achieve mileage from zero to at a rapid pace, more easily to complete the 5 km race.It should be noted that this training plan is only for reference and not applicable to all runners. Training level and requirements vary from person to person. Please follow the principle of gradual progress and do according to your ability!What to watch out for after a 5k?Stretching after a run, like warm-up, is one of the most overlooked problems for many new runners.Stretching properly after running not only relaxes the muscles, but also relieves muscle soreness. It is also the simplest and most effective way to recover muscles quickly.In addition, stretching improves blood circulation, improves coordination, and makes the body more relaxed.The 5k program is the first and most basic running program for novice runners.It can determine whether you can stick to running.Once you can handle 5K with ease, then you’ll enjoy the magic of running!